UGO: 911 Turbo Wheel Review

UGO writes: "For racing game enthusiasts - check that, fanatics - who have a spare $400 lying around and a little bit of extra space, Fanatec's Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is sure to please. It's a reproduction of the Porsche 911's steering wheel - right down to the classy stitched leather - as a peripheral which is compatible with Windows PCs and PlayStation 3 consoles. Offering realistic Force Feedback, two gearshift attachments and wireless, battery-operated foot pedals, the 911 Turbo Wheel attempts to create a true-to-life driving experience for gamers.

The first step is putting the damn thing together. An included setup guide features some horrendous English-language translations, only slightly worse than the collection of generally unclear step-by-step diagrams. Users have three options for setting up their Turbo Wheel: (1) it can be clamped to a table or some other sturdy, flat surface, (2) it can be drilled down, or (3) it can roost on one's lap during play sessions, held in place by a pair of included plastic restraints (which must be assembled)."

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For the all important point in versatility it's still the G25 that takes the benchmark points, and add to that sturdy build quality/mid-price affordability.
I was almost going to wait and buy the new Driving Force GT ( which is a very good game wheel, and is also better priced but is not as well built ) but am thankful that I did'nt and decided to get the G25 instead.
On the plus side, this 911 wheel does have an advantage of going wireless and for those Porsche gamers' who prefers the badge that goes with it.