UGO: Nyko Charge Base PS3 Review

UGO writes: "Everyone, even Sony's most hardened fans, has the same response the first time they crack open the box containing a new PlayStation 3 console: "what the hell is up with the absurdly short controller-charging USB cords?" Since both SIXAXIS and DUALSHOCK3 controllers feature built-in batteries, they need to be plugged into the powered on console in order to charge. Since the packed in cable is so short, charging while playing is not a particularly attractive option. That's where Nyko's Charge Base 2 comes in.

The Charge Base 2 is a slimmed down update of the third-party manufacturer's older-model PS3 controller charger. The new model sports just two charging bays - pared down from the previous version's four - set into a sleek-looking device which matches the PS3 well with its black-gloss-and-chrome design. Two rounded lights located on top of the unit shine red when a controller is charging and green when it is full charged (or when the associated bay is empty)."

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Jamegohanssj53752d ago

The thing I hate is that you can't really find stuff like this around my area. I have to go all the way to EB Games/Gamestop to get it or order it online.


trancefreak3752d ago

i just charge my controllers on laptop/pc depending where im at in my home.

ShinMaster3752d ago

I just use the USB chords.

level 3603752d ago

Never had any issues concerning charge times on my ps3 control pads, same as above just use usb chords., think this is just another marketing con add-on.