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Ridge Racer 7 Screenshots

Here are 6 screenshots of Ridge Racer 7 for the PS3. These looks to be the same as those scans we saw a while ago, but now you can see them in much better quality.

Scroll down to "Story Images" to view the screens.

Source: CVG (PS3, Ridge Racer 7)

TheMART  +   2960d ago
It's Rrriiiiddddggeeeee Raaaceerrrrrr lame game
schnodder  +   2960d ago
looks good.
ps3willrule  +   2960d ago
ya looks good
Anerythristic26  +   2960d ago
In the Ciittyy , City of Compton!
These buildings look good. Where are the giant crabs though?

Hold n I will try to be a PS3 Fanboy commenting on a 360 game , wait , OK... Thi gmae iz tolltly lame! Lok as this grafic so sad! Tghi lok lik PS 1.5 gralfic. Thi gam succs!
achira  +   2960d ago
this graphics looks better than any racing game for the xbox360. and please dont mention pgr3, this game cant compete with old grand turismo.
Anerythristic26  +   2959d ago
What graphics? It's a tech demo. None of that is in game. Where are the cars or the ground even in some of those shots. More PS3 tech displays where is our RIIIDGGE RAAACCCER CGI?
AuburnTiger  +   2959d ago
Ridge Raccer
Ridge has always been one of those classics games that has always accompanied every playstation launch. I believe the game is really meant to display the power of the ps3. It will be nice to compare it too the ridge racer from the 360.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2959d ago
LMAO!! Have u seen test drive, blow it out your ass you moron. Test drive raped this game and than came back for seconds, please
Nic  +   2959d ago
Im lovin it
sonyISgod  +   2959d ago
where is the 360 next gen games?
I had look all over the places but can't seem to find any. They said that the 360 next gen games had already been out for year, but I seen none. They all look like last gen. I don't even know why they call it next gen for when it look like a xbox1 games.
joemutt  +   2959d ago
You obviously havent seen a 360 then.
ssj, why dont you quit all the BS, we know you have never played a 360 or a PS3, so anything you say we disregard. I, along with 4 million other people have played a 360, and to this day the visuals in PGR3 still shock me.

Of course you cant appreciate the scenery at 175mph, but stop and go to photo mode, then you can walk around the tracks in first person mode, and actuall see all the detail that went into this game.

If you think PGR3 looks old-gen, then you either have a vendetta or have never played it. And Im not talking on your buddies 22in. CRT, I mean actually see it on a HD screen in 1080, then there is not even any doubt how awesome this game looks.
Monolith  +   2959d ago
wait let me be Xbox 360 fanboy
thats not in game thats fake, their lieing thats not in game these graphics are horrible, how do you know its ps3 graphics. Ps3 sux........................... .......No Xbox fanboys these graphics are amazing did you see your ridge racer hmmmmmmmm yea that looked next gen to me.......riiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhh htttt
Gh0stDrag0n  +   2959d ago
Where are the cars? And why does it say 2010? Is that when this game will be out? Thats 4 years!
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2959d ago
Haha it's true tho, where is the stuff on screen, no cars it's just pictures of buildings, but maybe it is, no one said it looked bad or said it wasn't real, we just simply said, ok so prove it's real, most likely is because test drive kills this game anyway, test drive is gorgeous and plays just as good, I would know, I'VE actually played it
PS360PCROCKS  +   2959d ago
saddest thing is you all knock your games before we can you spend more time trying to mock what we might say about it than actually discussing what you think of the game, maybe because you agree with us, because you make up half the things you "think we'll say"
ps3willrule  +   2959d ago
joemut sry to break ur nuts but 360 isn't 1080p its 1080 which is terrible looking because its interlaced so if ur playing on 1080i don't 720p is better.

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