What's the best open world game?


"Who doesn’t love exploring? Get yourself a quest or a mission and just head out to see what you can find. Nothing but the open road… and a few hundred enemies. I’ve played my fair share of open world titles – but which one was the best? Well, there’s only one for me."

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Maybay575d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X. With the amount of exploring, mining for resources, and side mission stories; it's an open world adventurers dream. On top of all that, you get to control mechs!

Nintendo needs to make an HD version of Xenoblade and XCX for the NX so more people can experience the great games they are. The Last Story and Pandora's tower could also benefit from and HD remake.

spoilerjerk574d ago

I am going to second the motion for Fallout 3 and after the huge letdown that Fallout 4 was I went back recently to Fallout 3 and loved every second of it.