TOKYO AUTO SALON 2007 First Screens

Screens from the Japanese racer title for PS3 also known as 'Wangan Midnight'.

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Scrumptious4156d ago

an even worse version of Import Tuner for the 360.

Juevani4156d ago

nothing is worse than 360 games kid.

that games series allways do well in japan.

specialguest4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

this game has style and was meant to have that cartoony/anime style look. not all games need to be realistic, which Import Tuner did a bad job on. this game(TOKYO AUTO SALON 2007) is obviously all about the gameplay and Import Tuner isn't something to brag about, score: 5.9

InMyOpinion4156d ago

Looks like their utilizing that built-in Ps2 emulator again lol!

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