7 Things we believe we'll see in a Red Dead Redemption Sequel

There has not yet been an announcement for a Red Dead Redemption sequel, but fans have speculated that announcement to come very soon. With that brings speculation about what a new Red Dead will offer up. Here are just 7 things possible for a Red Dead sequel.

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KiwiViper85760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

Having played Red dead for the first time via Backwards compatibility, I was excited at first, then bored, then disappointed, then shocked and amazed that this game gets so much praise and worship.

I think that the game has been way over exaggerated in terms of quality. I was expecting a masterpiece but I got a clunky, outdated (even by 2010 standards) and boring series of fetch quests. Forcing me to ride the worst horse in gaming, across an expanse of beautiful, but overall empty map.

Why is the voice acting so terrible? Why does he yell at everyone?

Even crossing to Mexico for the first time, a moment that everyone talks about, was such a let down. The song didn't even fit the situation...

Either 2010 was starved of games, or the game got a pass, because Rockstar...

I give it a 6/10, nothing more.