Games Industry Vets Detail Ways to Promote Diversity

J Station X: Speaking at GamesBeat 2016, several games industry veterans reveal ways that the industry can promote more diversity in the workforce.

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Godmars290572d ago

Not seeing a point of "promoting" diversity if you're going to, or not regard, creativity.

Part of the reason things are what they are was that FPSs largely dominated the 6th and 7th gen while the industry overall became mainstream. Now while its less of a subculture you've got people coming in who not only thought that something like Sunset - basically an 80s South American revolutionary action flick focused on an overly qualified housekeeper who never interacts with the action or major players - was something that needed to be made but that it could be sold by only talking to reviewers who thought as they did that the larger part of the industry - again, the action bits - needed to go away. Nevermind that that is what generally sells.

Swiftfox572d ago

The article is about the promotion of diversity in the games industry work force.

SSjDomon571d ago

That is also unnecessary. Hire who is best for the job, period. If there are equal candidates, choose randomly.

ShaunCameron572d ago

Translation: White, heterosexual, Christian and conservative men need not apply.

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