Humble Bundle Lands on PS4 and PS3 With New Capcom/PlayStation Bundle

Today Humble Bundle launched a new bundle with a lot of games by Capcom for PS4 and PS3.

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jojo319477d ago

Awesome deal.........for PS3 owners

IamTylerDurden1476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Considering both Resident Evil games are $20 each on PS4, and considering the entire bundle is $15, it's actually a good deal for PS4 AND PS3 owners.

yeahright2476d ago

So looked through the FAQ and the guidelines and I don't see that I'd be violating anything by doing this (didn't think so but safer to check). If I'm wrong, sorry.
So I bought this humble bundle and I already have a few of the titles, So I figured I'd leave those codes peppered around N4G comments and well, first come first served. Hope whomever gets them enjoys them.
First, Okami: 2HR6-29NP-4RLP

yellowlink476d ago

Got it! Thanks :D you a Straight up beast ma man :O

yeahright2476d ago

You are most welcome. That one is probably my favorite out of the bunch.

SSjDomon476d ago

Hook it up with Resident Evil bro! Lol.

yeahright2476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Had to keep resident evil. that was the only reason I went that high in the bundle.
Though I'll never buy street fighter V out of principle (and I don't care for fighting games) so if you want 45% off, here you go: 2AM2HD7HH2

SSjDomon476d ago

Thanks, I appreciate your generosity. I understand you can't share Resident Evil, that's definitely the gem of the collection! Thanks again, you're too kind.

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DeeboSlice476d ago

Hell. I might get this just to get Strider for $1.

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