Dante to appear in MotorStorm Pacific Rift as well?

D+PAD: Following on from last month's rumour that Old Snake may be featuring in Sony's 'brutal offroad racer' MotorStorm Pacific Rift, we've spotted another character in the latest MotorStorm trailer that looks like a certain devil slayer.

A short clip of what looks like Dante riding a motorbike occurs at 1 minute 5 seconds into the latest trailer and we've pulled a screen which you can see below. Is it really him? Looks like it.

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Bombibomb3549d ago

WTF? That isn't Dante. You can create your own characters in Motorstorm 2. BIGGEST EPIC FAIL EVER!

stoo313549d ago

Looks like Dante to me. I didn't know MS featured a character creator. Got a link?

FantasyStar3548d ago

I know huh? because BOTH OF THEM LOOK THE SAME. (except Dante has a makeshift beard)

Cajun Chicken3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

This needs some Jak too.
I wonder if you could make Jak in it?

remanutd553549d ago

i'd love to see snake doing some CQC when you get close to his bike lol

kevanio093549d ago

Old Snake makes sense. Sony exclusive character. But Dante is not. He was in DMC4.

Strange if it is true.

DrPirate3548d ago

Dante was in DMC3.

DMC3 was not exclusive.

Reibooi3549d ago

That looks like crap and doesn't look like Dante or Nero other then the color of the cloths and Hair. Honestly this is stupid idea Dante or Nero do no belong in a game like this neither does Snake for that matter. Just Because guest characters worked for Soul Calibur and a few other games does not mean every game should do it.

shysun3548d ago

Dante loves bikes. I'm not saying it makes it right but him and Snake LOVE Motorcycles.

kevnb3548d ago

but guest characters like this are a license to print money, just look at super smash brothers.

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The story is too old to be commented.