NPD: 3DS and GTA V lead in sales for the month of July

The numbers are in folk, and the month of July belongs to the 3DS and GTA V.

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So when Sony doesn't beat MS, we focus on the 3ds?? Hilarious!!!!!

MasterCornholio761d ago (Edited 761d ago )

That's because the 3DS is the top selling system for the month.

You expect people to just ignore Nintendo's achievements?


The 3ds has been the top selling console for a lot of months that these systems have been out, but the headline is always Sony beat MS again. Please explain that!!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen760d ago (Edited 760d ago )


The 3DS hasn't won an NPD since February 2015.

February 2015 NPD: 3DS family leads hardware

That doesn't equate to "alot of months."

leoms760d ago

I think he is salty that Xbox is not no.1

MasterCornholio760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

"Please explain that!!"

Your getting your NPD results from the wrong site then. The one I use will always show all systems on it. Not to mention they always put the top selling system into the headline.

Maybe you should use NEOgaf as a source? They don't hide numbers there and it's a great source for NPD data.

TylerFischer760d ago

Dude, what are you talking about?

franwex761d ago

GTAV being there for so many years is impressive.

Kingdomcome247760d ago

GTA V still winning the occasional top software spot, almost 3 years after launching is crazy. R* is just kicking back and raking in money hand over fist. I bet they saw a nice little spike in RDR digital sales as well after it hit BC, if some of the stories regarding other big BC titles are anything to go by. i.e. Blops, Mass Effect, ect...

Lime123760d ago

Looks like those price reductions for 2DS really helped

MasterCornholio760d ago

Pokemon GO also helped sell some 3DSs as well.

TylerFischer760d ago

Monster Hunter was big for the 3DS this month.

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