Niantic has started taking action against Pokemon Go cheaters

Say goodbye to players making use of "egg defenders" to hold gyms forever. And more...

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RpgSama843d ago

They are taking action against the only people still playing this game. 2 months and the only adition to the game is that now the team leaders kind of give you a hint of the secret IV of the pokemons. that's without mentioning how they removed the single most important thing in the game, the at least kind of general distance to a pokemon (not even the direction, but at least the distance).

RosweeSon843d ago

I agree and understand however people always want to cheat and take advantage, if there weren't so many people wishing to boost their way to the top or use unfair advantages then maybe we wouldn't have to wait so long for the updates but when it's pretty much one of the most successful apps in history it's bound to have teething problems just wish they'd get them sorted pronto but can understand why they'd want to focus on eliminating cheaters, at least they'll be no problems logging onto the servers in future ;)