Japanese games - Why are they a rarity in Europe?

A lot of people who own a console or PC can´t get the thoughts of Japanese games out of their heads. And who can blame them? As we miss out on a lot of games. And Especially those of lewd nature. So these are my (Norman, TGG) thoughts on the matter.

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Simon_the_sorcerer816d ago

Well, as for the West...Both "Criminal Girls 2" and "Valkyrie Drive" got banned in Germany and Australia...

TGG_overlord816d ago

I feel really sorry for the gamers that live in Australia and Germany :S

Littil_Devil816d ago (Edited 816d ago )

It´s not much better in South Korea either, as the whole country has gone full SJW mode.

Simon_the_sorcerer815d ago

Yes...But I´m somewhat worried that this SJW cancer will spread all over the Western civilization. In other words, that the West will become like Germany -_-

Littil_Devil816d ago

Now that I think about it, it would be really interesting to know how much German and Australian gamers spend on game imports? Furthermore, how many games they import per year? Quite a lot I bet.

TGG_overlord816d ago

Hmm, good question. That might actually be worth looking into.

Darkwatchman816d ago

Isn't the upcoming MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death also banned in Australia

TGG_overlord816d ago

I think that´s correct, as "Criminal Girls 2" and "Valkyrie Drive" won´t be released there.

Littil_Devil816d ago

That would be correct, and that´s also why a lot of games in the West gets either banned or censored on release.

Simon_the_sorcerer816d ago

Some Australian friends of mine have to import games via New Zealand most of the time to avoid crap like that...

TGG_overlord816d ago

I think Germany is the worst country in the whole world when it comes to censorship in video games. Hell, they even ban tons of games as well :S

Littil_Devil816d ago

Didn´t a lot of Australian Gamers go over to New Zealand just so that they could buy GTA5?

816d ago
TGG_overlord816d ago

"Yup. Country SJW rules"

No wonder why more and more people are buying games from Japan instead...