LittleBigChallenge 003 – Official in-game SackBoy costume contest!

LBP News writes:

"Like all great platform games, LittleBigPlanet has a hero, our cool little SackBoy that explores the world with you. One of the things that make SackBoy unique is that you can decide how he looks by changing his color, costume and style. We're hoping you can help Sackboy look his best, by designing a brand new costume for him or his more lady-like equivalent, SackGirl.

Send us your inspired outfit ideas for SackBoy or SackGirl, and Media Molecule will pick three winners, one from Europe, one from America*** and one from Japan. The three winning designs will be available to download FOR FREE from the PLAYSTATION® Store for use in LittleBigPlanet in the near future."

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SmokingMonkey3691d ago

i'm making hattori hanzo sackboy from samurai shodown

Lionsguard3691d ago

I'm pretty sure they have a ninja suit in game already a Hattori Hanzo suit will be too similar.

Jewkin3691d ago

I love anything that has to do with boys or sacks.

Pain3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

In luv with Juuken that much u her stalker?

and 'jew"kin? ..... shall we call you Brain dead Small town HICK?

buckethead_X3691d ago

I'm laughing because you think you can actually bother Juuken. You are nothing to her. You are a microscopic, insignificant peon. You are nothing.

Daver3691d ago

a samurai sackboy would be nice if theres not one already

juuken3691d ago

The site is sooooooo cute!
I'm gonna give it a try.

micro_invader3691d ago

This is a really cool idea, I bet there will be some really cool designs soon. I might give it a go.

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