No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray reveals plan “to make the game about other things”

NO MAN’S Sky is set to receive big updates in the future that will change the game’s focus from exploration and survival to other things.

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Thatguy-310518d ago

They have to. With updates this game will thrive. Just like Minecraft this game's potential will blossom with future updates.

Rimeskeem518d ago

If they truly are adding base building that would be awesome. I just hope they continue to put out stability updates cause my game is still crashing :(

joab777517d ago

My game never crashed until after this update. 10+x today lol!

Trekster_Gamer517d ago

It has cashed on me 2 times.
after 10 hours has become extremely repetitive.

I have moved on, maybe future updates will change my mind.

nix517d ago

It crashed on me the first time but i hadn't installed the latest firmware.

I thought I'll just play for one hour but i spent 3 hours without noticing. This game can eat time and how.

Mulando517d ago

Base-Building with a zoo for each animal you find ^^ ... just kidding

base-building makes no sense in this game. Only if you can warp to your base without warping through other systems (or at least not each system).

No Way517d ago

It depends. What would be the point of base building? Can you design the base the way you want; ala, something like Fallout 4 or The Sims. Will there be hangers, to have multiple ships? Will it be so other players can stumble upon your "base" and sell things to a merchant, which in-turn gives you some profit? What would be the point in it? Store weapons, perhaps? Or would it just be a safe zone - like the little sheds?

I feel like there needs to be some.. meat, some substance. Otherwise, I'm not worried about it.

Germany7517d ago

It crashed one time for me.

Yetter517d ago

The idea of base building seems cool, but there needs to be a reason to do it. Just having a building I made on a planet isn't really enough

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joab777517d ago

With base building and the possibility of inviting a few other people onto a planet...damn!!!

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S2Killinit517d ago

Yup, i waswaiting for this. I had a feeling they would provide more content.

MyDietEqualsGames516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

It has great potential for longevity. I hope they have some sort of road map for it, going forward.

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snakeeys5518d ago

Earlier, I was revealed Sean's mom.

deafdani517d ago

Big fan of your trollwork here. Keep it up. <3

vega275518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

They need to add a lot of things to make it better. I would like the game if it didn't crash so much or be so repetitive. I do hope with future updates and better patching. I may rebuy the game.

joab777517d ago

Its probably just me, but I find this game the opposite of repetitive. Yeah, it has its loops like every other damn game I've played, but its the endless possibilities of where to go etc. that I love.

I've become so disheartened with games lately, remasters and sequels that all feel like the same thing over and over. I've wanted next gen to be the introduction of dynamic gameplay, not better graphics and frame rates.

Yeah, NMS can be better, and I believe it will be, as I posted above, its the best template ever created. But something is just new and fresh to me.

Many of my friends gave up and went back to Destiny, ESO CoD because they said it was too repetitive, and I was like what? I stopped playing each of those games b/c I was doing the same thing over and over and over.

I agree that multiplayer, even if its just inviting players to see bases you've built would be epic. I do think its coming.

Conzul517d ago

"....Many of my friends gave up and went back to Destiny, ESO CoD because they said it was too repetitive, and I was like what? I stopped playing each of those games b/c I was doing the same thing over and over and over...."

In Destiny, we do the same old things, but differently.
In No Man's Sky, we do/explore ever-new things, but samely.

It's all about what kind of repetitiveness you can deal with.

Kribwalker517d ago

I'm still not that interested in this game but what I'm getting is that when the Xbox version comes out it will be the complete version, as it should have the patches and extra content right off the bat, and the beta test will be done

Kribwalker517d ago

I could play it if I wanted to so I don't know what your calling me butt hurt for

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game4funz517d ago

I'm sensing a flip flopping from the tomb Raiders case.

MagicBeanz517d ago

Oh so like how Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be the complete version on PS4, right? Thanks for beta testing it for us.

Kribwalker517d ago

You do get all the dlc included for the same price as Xbox players paid for just the game

TheCommentator517d ago

Yes, excactly. The only difference is that everybody in here is disagreeing with him, but agreeing with you. Sadder than that is Dark Watchman is getting all those agrees in spite of being nothing more than an ignorant tool. You people need to grow up, seriously, and let people have their opinions.

517d ago
game4funz517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Yea difference is. Tomb raider was a complete game. Start to finish. Not so with NMS

The situation with NMS right now sounds a lot like a beta.

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Liqu1d517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

"I'm still not that interested in this game but I'll continue to click on articles related to it so I can troll because I'm upset that I can't play this on my Xbox"


"But I'm not interested in a exploration game like that"

Yet you still click on articles related to NMS so you can troll. Owning a PS4 doesn't mean you aren't a fanboy, Rookie and Septic are proof of that.

Kribwalker517d ago

I could play it on my ps4 if I wanted to

But I'm not interested in a exploration game like that. If he adds a tonne of stuff and makes it a complete game I may be more inclined

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KwietStorm517d ago

I hope this decision wasn't made as a result of some of the backlash, instead of what they had planned from the start.

TheCommentator517d ago

It sounds like it could be a combination of fan requested features and average metacritic reviews. The game has a good base, but definitely needs more substance to warrant a purchase at it's current price. I could see enjoying it as a "go between" game, where I played it when there is a lull in new games. I do that with Minecraft at the moment because there's no end to it, just like No Man's Sky.

Imalwaysright517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Even if it improves the game?

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