Bomberman Battlefest now available on Xbox One BC

MajorNelson via Twitter:“Bomberman Battlefest is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today”

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Kyoshi794d ago

I really wish we could blacklist this website. Daily Star is absolute shit.

TheColbertinator794d ago

Agreed. They are starting to piss me off.

794d ago
Kingthrash360794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

Man I wish they were "xbox new game announced mlby major Nelson"
Instead of another 360 game...I've been seeing plenty of these BC games launched....nothing wrong with that....but the Xbox one needs xbox one games. BC is a great feature, but it's getting to the point where I should have kept my 360. That's my opinion at least. Some people don't care if the xbo gets xbo games.

Godz Kastro794d ago


There are 4 exclusive games this coming up. One of them is a brand new ip.

JasonKCK794d ago

Godz Kastro He's just trolling.

Kingdomcome247794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

@Kingthrash360- You say that exact thing in nearly every Xbox One article. Why is it that, "You own", an Xbox One? Constructive criticism is wonderful, integral, and when used properly it can be a great catalyst for change. You, on the other hand bang the same drum incessantly as though everyone doesn't already know your stance on the matter clear as day. As I stated above, constructive criticism can be great, but when criticism is the only thing that you have to offer, mixed in with the occasional backhanded compliment, I seriously begin to wonder how much truth and merit there is to your claims of Xbox One ownership. I myself would love to see some additional fresh new IPs. Preferably single player narrative driven games. I recognize the console's various shortcomings as well, but I don't feel the need to spout off the same criticisms over and over. I support both systems, though, and what one console might lack the other console fills that void, and vice versa. I've never seen you give a genuine compliment to anything pertaining to the Xbox One. There's always a caveat, or some sort of stealth trolling involved on your part. Which leads me directly back to my previous question. Why do you own an Xbox One. You don't seem to have any legitimate fondness for it. Whereas I've never seen you criticize Sony, but rather you're constantly stepping up to the plate to bat for them, no matter the subject at hand. It just makes it all a bit hard to believe that you truly own an Xbox One.

Kingthrash360793d ago

It's not trolling bro it's just my opinion. I said there is nothing wrong with it, I just want more games...more xbox 1 games. I bought it a few months before QB released...after I beat qb, halo 5, tr, ryse, sunset, ki...I'm not really into no forza ...but I'm left waiting for more. I've play many games and I've played all the games I wanted to play on xbox 360...when I had a that I got a xbo I want to play more games....somehow this is a bad want more games. You say I've been saying the same thing....well yeah its the same problem. It's what I bought a gaming console for, to play games on it. All the bells and whistle mean nothing if all I want to do is game. Instead they are making announcements of old games....I already played years ago.
Like I said nice but yeah focus on the new games more. Tired of this bs

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81BX794d ago

Can anyone get into red deads mp?

meche334794d ago

what you do is go into a private mp then kill duplicate civilians and then make it public and people will be able to join

NotoriousWhiz794d ago (Edited 794d ago )

That sounds reasonable.

81BX794d ago


You gotta tap the back of the system 3 times, turn it on, now wait 45 seconds and push X Y RB down at the same time, then when you hear the word TOASTY push up up. Fight smoke to a Flawless victory.

meche334793d ago

Its because theres so many duplicate npc's spawning its overfilling the games ram so nothing can spawn in. So you kill some of the dupes to free up ram and allow other things to spawn

794d ago
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