EternaLegend Dazzles Us With Her Breath of the Wild Fanart

EternaLegend created two pieces of artwork in commemoration of Breath of the Wild.

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guywazeldatatt797d ago

Her artwork is absolutely stunning. She keeps getting better and better!

Resoula797d ago

The first one honestly looks like it could be concept art for the game.

guywazeldatatt796d ago

it does. she does amazing work. I want a poster of it, lol.

TheSuperior 797d ago

That's some really beautiful artwork. What id give to have that painted as a mural wall lol

guywazeldatatt796d ago

lol if you could afford it I could probably get that done for ya haha. EternaLegend is amazing. I actually want to order a print from her one day. she even met with aonuma and presented her artwork to him.

guywazeldatatt795d ago

guys sorry the URL got messed up. this is the right one.