Resident Evil's mansion recreated in Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "Last month, we informed you about a fan recreation of Resident Evil’s mansion in Unreal Engine 4. Well, we’ve got some good news for all those interested in this project. 3D artist ‘B.O.W. Qin‘ has released some new screenshots from the latest – and most probably final – version of this recreation. In addition, B.O.W. Qin claimed that he will soon release the demo."

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bunt-custardly854d ago

Can't wait for the demo. Looks great.

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strayanalog854d ago

If my eleven year old mind saw this in 1996 it would have exploded.

Idiedgoodbye854d ago

Glad your still with us at 50 bro

strayanalog853d ago

Glad to be here, Gru, but jeez man I'm not that ancient yet.

Idiedgoodbye854d ago

It'll be sad if the demo is better than the official remake

VTKC854d ago

I thought i told Wesker not to let anymore tourists in! And what does he go and do?! Alfred! Release the hounds!

Joking aside this looks amazing, love to see this in full

Crakface853d ago

Hes not painting pictures hes tracing. Trash.