WorthPlaying Review: 1942: Joint Strike

WorthPlaying writes: "1942: Joint Strike is a vertical shooter that perfectly reimagines the original 1942 shooter from 1984. Man, that's a lot of dates. For those of you not old enough to remember the original coin-op shooter, it was one of the best vertical shooters of its time. You piloted a World War II plane and were tasked with taking out enemy planes, tanks, and boats while avoiding the ongoing spray of bullets and bombs.

In that sense, there isn't much different with the premise of Joint Strike. What has happened, though, is the addition of a co-op mode, stunning graphics, and the choice of three different planes. It doesn't really affect the game other than giving you a few more options. One plane is faster, but has weaker shields; one plane is slower, but has more shields; and one plane is like porridge, and is just right. Regardless of which plane you choose, your mission is clear: Shoot everything."

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GamerMan3485d ago

I'm stoked about this game because I spent many a quarter in the arcade playing this game. It was a blast and I really like the updates they did to it without losing the original flare of the game of old.

I know it won't score well in reviews but I have no problem with that as I will have many of hours playing this game and having fun with it. :)