Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (PS Vita) Review | CGM

If you love grinding for hours in dungeon crawlers after doing a three-hour long tutorial, then Chunsoft's Shiren the Wanderer is the game for you.

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DiscoMan830d ago

Almost everything the author doesn't like defines a roguelike. Lol

nodim829d ago

Wow, what an amazingly stupid review. It's always fun when the guy has no idea what he's writing about.

Darkwatchman829d ago

Not just the awful review, but author also mentions so few games come to vita these days...ummmm vita has a larger total library than 3ds and gets more games released on a regular basis. Misguided and uninformed review.

Darkwatchman829d ago

Guys, I looked up the author on the Internet. He's an extremist SJW whose patreon page mentions he takes pride in "being as politically correct as possible"

That explains the stupidity of this review.