5 Game Franchises That Demand Remakes

Doom is the most recent in a long line of games to get a fancy next generation polish. Remaking video games is a recent trend, but a successful one. Developers have only scratched the surface when it comes to dusting off and revitalizing classics, and if any franchises deserve an update, it’s these ones.

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Retroman776d ago

Lot of Ol skool games demand a comeback . now that Nintendo realize fan made Metriod 2 was download thousands of times is a hint to rebirth ol skool games.

Frinker776d ago

Harambe deserves a remake

Summons75776d ago

After Nuts and Bolts, I am perfectly content with Banjo-Kazooie living out their legacy as only two games. Yooka-Laylee will pick up their torch.