Watch How a Video Game Was Used to Illustrate History in a Real Life Museum

While organizing the Storms, Wars and Shipwrecks exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK, someone must have thought “why spending tons of money in CGI or live action to re-enact an ancient naval battle when we have Total War: Rome II?”

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Zorkaz830d ago

It's great people are finally doing this. I think too many (mostly pretentious) people dismiss video games as simply being virtual children's toys, but the truth is, even if you deny that they can be artistic or tell a compelling story in any way, they represent massive advances in simulation technology. And that can extend to many other more practical uses. It's not only museums that can use this, but schools and tv too. In general, I believe that videogames should insert some more educational content in their lore or environment at least. You learn things 10 times easier if you're interested anyway. Look at Assassin's Creed. I'm not talking about turning games into history classes or whatever, I'm just saying that their wasting lots of learning potential. I'm 15 by the way, if that'll make you hate me for posting this less ...

brando008828d ago

Well said Zorkaz, that's the attitude I hope more people foster. Gaming really is an incredible medium with a ton of untapped potential. Especially with VR rolling out this generation, the possibilities are boundless.