Backward compatibility: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One check again

After being spotted several months and
marked as "incoming" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it was again caught today were due to the clip on the Xbox One Feed.

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XMarkstheSpot768d ago

Thats PC. Bottom left of box art

BossBattle768d ago

The screen is Xbox One's UI

XMarkstheSpot768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Well yeah they said theyre making game hubs for popular PC games to integrate. Still doesnt change the fact that thats PC box art on Xbox UI no matter the amount of diagrees I get.

LexHazard79768d ago

I agree its Xbox UI. I could be wrong but the box art looks fake. I mean for a digital game cover.

King Nezz768d ago

Wishful thinking. I really don't play CoD anymore, but I would definitely play this one.


One man army and tactical insertion is what killed this game and hacker's too

lnfiniteLoop768d ago

| personally didnt have any problem with killing players with One man army and tactical insertion... on the other hand hackers and cheats wreck all versions of COD / MW / BO etc. and thats what has killed them all off...

Immorals768d ago

Noob tubes, ott killstreaks, tactical nukes, overpowered shotguns secondaries, heartbeat scanner, the 12 year old fantasy, stopping power, guns have no recoil plus all the exploits, there was lots this game did wrong

EpicSandwich768d ago

Literally the best cod ever made and probably the only cod that will make me play cod

Movefasta1993768d ago

Yes and no for me , they added way too many kill streaks which broke the game and encouraged more camping imo

lnfiniteLoop768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

only crap players cannot kill campers... [edit]: same goes for the crap players that run the same way round the map over and over again and get killed over and over again (idiots)... wish some people would learn to change their tactics and change their load-outs to compensate for how others are playing against them instead of bitching about campers etc.

NotoriousWhiz768d ago

@InfiniteLoop, agreed. You just have to out camp them.

WellyUK768d ago

not even close, CoD2 and 4 are far better games.

EpicSandwich768d ago

I've realised everyone has different tastes when it comes to cod but my all time favourite was mw2, everything after that just didn't live up to it. The maps were perfection. The guns were awesome

LexHazard79768d ago

I like Modern Warfare, and Black Ops 1 +3. I like Advanced Warfare too. I just like the pick up and play aspect of the game. Good times usually and always Hardcore TDM.

Immorals768d ago

[email protected] was the best. Mw2 was good, but was the game that changed the series for the worse

korgun768d ago

great game, nice to relive some memories

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The story is too old to be commented.