Both The Evil Within and Rage sold well enough for sequels says Bethesda

Is Bethesda cooking up sequels for The Evil Within and Rage? Well according to Pete Hines both games sold enough to warrant follow ups.

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brianunfried559d ago

Rage is one of my favorites from last generation, was just thinking about playing through a third time.

coolbeans559d ago

I want to play through the main campaign + The Scorchers DLC on Ultra Nightmare difficulty soon! :D

Kleptic559d ago

I really need to finish it. I got Rage and Wolf: Old Blood for like $5 total last summer in the sale...and put a few hours into Rage, thought it was good, but spent more time with WOB and was all set to get the new order...then doom...

and my id/machinegames/bethesda shooter situation is saturated...they're all fun, but i'm still hooked on Doom for the time being...the recent snapmap update and what people have come up with lately has been perfect.

TylerFischer559d ago

Rage is way to easily overlooked. And slept on.

LAWSON72559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

It was overlooked because it was over hyped and sort of bombed (did not deliver) with reviewers. That being said damn good game that suffered from the hype. Game definitely had plenty of attention up until it's release

WildArmed559d ago

Same! The game was sooo smooth.

Sure I played it after all the optimization patches, but that game ran like a champ. Awesome frame rate, and beautiful graphics.

Guns felt super nice, and the game was pretty damn fun.

Only complaint I had about the game was how abruptly it ended. So many fun and unique tools/weapons.

Paytaa559d ago

I hope they allow Rage for backward compatibility at some point since it's a game that has been in my backlog for like 5 years.

I never gave it the chance it probably deserved.

Movefasta1993559d ago

RAGE has some of the tightest gameplay,guns felt great and sound great.PLus the graphics still look insane at times on pc.

Christopher558d ago

Rage sequel would be a very nice gift to us gamers. Please make it happen.

brianunfried558d ago

It has the best enemy AI I've ever seen in a FPS.

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-Foxtrot559d ago

The Evil Within was a good start but I think they can do better with the next one. The voice acting, character development and dialogue was just plain terrible. I just find it funny how they had Jennifer Carpenter who was the best out the main three and she wasn't the main character.

With how the story was (a little messy) I don't know if I want a direct sequel or maybe have it like an anthology series where each one is different showing a "new" Evil Within.

I would like to see him do a game really similar to RE to shove in Capcoms face. Special team go into a chateau in England full of vampires...located around Procyon City XD

TylerFischer559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Yeah personally I rather see Tango just work on another standalone horror game. The Evil Within doesn't need to be a series. But sequels make more money, so that's probably what we will get.

-Foxtrot559d ago

I just think you'd have to spend more time in the sequel explaining the story of the first one.

It didn't really give off a sequel vibe in the end so is rather see it as an anthology series or a new IP

Paytaa559d ago

I always wanted to try The Evil Within but felt like I either would never finish it or enjoy it general. Cool premise, but could definitely be expanded on better in a sequel

leahcim559d ago

try it. It is amazing gameplay-wise... nevertheless the story is just so confusing....

_-EDMIX-_559d ago

I agree with the voice acting and strange story but overall it's one of my favorite survival horror games to release.

The Resident Evil series never really had great story so I didn't really expect Evil Within to have some Blockbuster story and I don't expect the second one to either I care more so about the gameplay.

NapalmSanctuary559d ago

I wouldn't mind a sequel that was less chapter based, more 3D metroidvania like classic RE.

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FITgamer559d ago

Never played Rage, but I'd definitely pick up a sequel to The Evil Within. I really enjoyed it.

DarkOcelet559d ago

I cant wait for The Evil Within 2. Hopefully the story is explained better this time. Its a good story that seriously needs to be fleshed out more.

TwoForce559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

And Rage need it. I'm glad it getting a sequel.

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