8 Gorgeous Photos of Final Fantasy XV’s Characters

Take a look at some incredible, ultra-detailed photos of the cast of Square Enix's upcoming RPG.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm713d ago

Man they keep changing Luna for the worse. First it was the duckface and now she looks like a pale anorexic girl. The justification is funny tho, it was to make her look "stronger". lol

-Gespenst-711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

That's true haha. Appearance wise she's gone from strong-looking (Stella) to weak-looking, and she seems to be getting weaker. Very hard to believe she's as stronger character now than Stella was.

I've never gotten over them dropping Stella. She would have made an awesome potential party member too.

I also don't like how they changed Regis' appearance. He looks like he belongs in some generic western high fantasy game or film now. I much preferred his "mafia" look - was much more interesting. He just looks like a stereotypical "king" character now.

EDIT: Oh and I also miss Noctis' original poncho outfit. Now he just looks some weird visual-kei / hardcore kid. I hope that outfit is in the game or is at least DLC or something.

711d ago
-Gespenst-711d ago

"there were never plans" - XV has probably changed over the course of its development more than pretty much every other FF game. Numerous "plans" changed, so it's possible they could have ended up making her playable in some way. I'd say many originally planned things were scrapped, and I'm also sure there were never originally plans to add lots of things to the game that ended up getting added. To talk about what was and wasn't originally planned for this game isn't a strong argument, because this is a game notable for it's continual revision. SE repeatedly changed things about the game - it'll definitely have this - oh no wait, it definitely won't, but it definitely won't have that - oh no wait, it definitely will. I think Versus XIII was more of a concept with a few solid core elements, and it could have gone in many different directions. To me, Stella seemed like she could have been a good fit for an eventual party member, so who knows?

"someone we knew nothing about" - I always respond to this with this: We did know a bit about her. The little we saw was DESIGNED to convey a sense of her character - to convey what kind of person she was. That's just fiction / screen writing 101. I liked the personality she exuded - it felt kind of new for the series. Luna reminds me of about a dozen different jrpg characters.

Adrian_v01711d ago

The person we assumed Stella was wouldn't fit into the game's current story.