The PlayStation 4 NEO Launch May Be A Decidedly Low Key Affair

Why Sony will probably not try to call too much attention to the PS4 NEO launch.

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Overload833d ago

Of course it will be low key. Most people are happy with their PS4's, just look at GOW or Detroit. I'm probably not even going to buy the PS4 Neo, I'll just wait for the PS5. I could change my mind, but probably won't.

gameseveryday833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

At the end of the day, it's just another PS4. So Sony may just "announce" with a low key press event. I may be wrong though.

Ashlen833d ago

The only thing I think is that people who think they know what the NEO is and what Sony's plans are, are likely to be wrong.

Kingthrash360833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

I know I remember them saying after e3 that they plan for the neo to have its own event, they had too many games to show at e3 and didn't want to take from the games....These articles
How will they be "low key"? Like how do you be "low key" with the first upgraded console? When habe they ever been low key? They have events just for playstation and Playstation is their biggest asset right why would they be low key?? Lord. And wtf is a low key press event??

Edit: just saw the comment was rashid and artile by g*******lt.. (people get flagged for mentioning their name)

rainslacker833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

The lowest key console release I've ever seen from Sony...including all their slim with the PSTV. And that wasn't that low key. All their slims and revisions get plenty of marketing, because they know people will want to buy them. MS slim release was 1-1/2 months between E3 and earlier this what's 2-3 months for Neo when it really comes down to it, and would you say MS X1S release was "low key", because for the past 6-7 weeks they haven't shut up about it once and Spencer and Greenburg take every opportunity to make a big deal about it. Timeframe has nothing to do with the "key" of the release. They could announce it 2 weeks ahead of time....although they probably should announce it soon for an October release.

That being said, and to be off topic here.

With you're sites hellbent attitude on talking up everything MS, and downplaying everything Sony, all with the most twisted and misrepresented quotes from interviews, why should your opinion actually matter on this issue, since your opinion is based entirely on rumors and speculation, and as such, you can not say 100% that "it's just another PS4", and expect others to take you seriously.

What exactly would your site know about the Neo that no one else knows beyond the rumors. I'm almost certain it's nothing of any consequence dealing with any actual facts of the Neo, because your site has no real integrity and should you come across that information and be asked to hold onto it, you certainly would not and would find every way to make it into a negative for Sony.

Saying it may be a low key launch is fine, and even part of your opinion piece here had merit, but then you say "it's just another PS4", when you'll say that people should buy an X1S if they don't have an Xbox without hesitation. So...question is...why not advise those people that are irritated by the things listed in the X1S "should you buy" article, or the new features that people may want, and recommend that those people maybe buy the already more powerful OGPS4, or wait it out for the Neo which will be even more powerful and offer up all the features which apparently annoy console players because features are more important than games for some odd reason.

You and your site have lost all credibility when it comes to any opinion or advice when it comes to Sony....even when that opinion and advice is good or reasonable, because your site can't manage to live without the click bait BS.

Kayant833d ago

"I may be wrong though." - Understatement of the year LUL.

MagicBeanz833d ago

Actually its not "just another PS4" but whatever makes you feel better I guess.

ULTp0ltergeist832d ago

True, it's basically another PS4. It was a slight upgrade from the same architecture. This isn't what Sony wants to do so they're playing catch up to Microsoft with this whole iterative approach. If anything for now it only seems Microsoft can pull this off with new chips.

rainslacker832d ago


Playing catch up to MS? MS announced the console 18 months early. Sony's been rumored to be releasing this year, and MS is the one that had to ask what the community felt about it.

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Movefasta1993833d ago

LOW KEY???Sorry but when they show it,they'll make sure every gamer hears about it.Why waste their time...

morganfell833d ago

Because to Sony it is what they have been saying from the beginning - the Neo is just another PS4 SKU. They have stuck to that mantra since day one. Sony does not need their console sales rescued. The PS4 is the industry leader and is tracking to outsell the top console of all time - the PS2. Neo isn't a Hail Mary desperation 4th Quarter throw for Sony. They are in control and in the lead. It is one of the reasons, if leaked documentation is to be believed, Sony has taken extraordinary lengths not to alienate current owners and aside from graphics power to keep the Neo on par with the PS4 as regards games and their associated add-ons.

FamilyGuy833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

I'm excited, I think it'll sell out. I think the only reason why they would even make the announcement "low-key" would be because they know they won't have enough at launch if they cause too much hype. Neo is significantly beefier than the base model, they want to down-play it as not to anger their current user base.

_-EDMIX-_833d ago

Most times they do show it at an event but it's nothing that gets ridiculous coverage and they don't go on huge campaigns bragging about it, most of their sku upgrades have never really gotten huge campaigns, it's merely here's an event, here's what it looks like ,here's what's different and let's move along...

If you ever want to know how they're going to Market the upgrade look at how they Market their previous skus.

Sony has actually always been somewhat low-key and marketing the extra skus, most of the skus merely got a small showcase at an event and that's about it, I actually don't see anything different happening with the upgrade besides a few minutes of them on stage talking about the differences.

If you think they'll do differently at least provide an example of what you think is going to happen.

Crazyglues833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Truth be told the expectations for PS4-NEO is what has messed everything up... The system is not as powerful as people are expecting, it really is just a slightly faster PS4 - and I mean slightly faster - some games will have no real improvement...

Some games will be slightly faster, like 3 to 5 fps faster, which is really lame... so if a game was getting 25fps it's not getting 28.0 or 30 fps... that's so minor it's almost laughable...

So whats the real point of the console, it was just to add 4k support (for HDTV's) and 4k blu-ray which could not be played on the normal PS4, remeber PS4 is the biggest selling blu-ray player, so only makes sense that it play the new 4k blu-rays.. Blu-rays make a lot of money- would be kind of dumb to have a new format and the biggest blu-ray player does not support it. So new PS4 was needed.

The real problem here is Sony didn't really put enough power into NEO- for gamers this will be a let down- it's really not worth upgrading... unless you don't have a PS4 yet, then of course get NEO- If NEO turns out to be like the XboxOne S then it's going to be a really weak upgrade..

Here you need a video to really understand this--

But if you don't have a system yet, then this is why you get it. But if your upgrading, might not really be worth it.

100_SavAGe833d ago

And how do you know all of this again? Have Sony confirmed the neos specs?

SirBradders833d ago

Mate you need to go to bed.
Look at the original ps4 all leaked specs showed 4gb vram and last min they chucked in an extra 4 to combat ms.
It's quite possible Sony could and will do the same meaning they designed the neo so it could be upgraded to combat ms.
Or we are all wrong and the neo won't release until next year and a slim comes now.
We never know until it comes from the horses mouth.

jmc8888833d ago

No, if it's in the 4 TFlop range you are going to have something along the lines of a doubling in performance. Perhaps even close to tripling it when considering other added efficiency because of newer tech.

From there you can expect about a 50 percent bump up from that with Scorpio. Too early too know much more than that.

833d ago
OB1Biker833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

'a slightly faster PS4 - and I mean slightly faster '
come on now. Why do so many people believe now that x2+ more powerful means 'slightly' in comments language?

starchild833d ago

We really don't know for sure what the specs will be. And going off the best information we have it will be a significant jump in power. More than two times the power is enough to double framerates and add other enhancements.

Let's just wait and see, though. I don't think Sony will be dumb about it.

Aenea833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Are you serious? The thing is over twice as fast and you call that "slightly faster"?

And where are you getting these ideas from? You had a dream about it didn't you?

LOL, okay, I get where you got your info from! From that silly Facebook post! Haha, yes, the X1 S is not exactly an upgraded console and wasn't meant to be one, the Neo is not that!

In Tflops:
- Original X1: 1.3
- X1 S: 1.4
- PS4: 1.83
- Leaked specs for Neo: 4.2

According to this the GPU inside the Neo is 3 times faster than the one in Xbox One S...

The post on Facebook wrongly assumes the X1S is an upgrade and believes the Neo will be about the same, it's not. The Neo is more like the Scorpio...

rainslacker833d ago

So...gonna question your definition of slightly.

Current PS4 is 1.84TFlops. Neo is rumored to be around the 4.4 TFlops mark.

Now, I'm no mathematician(although I actually am sort of), but to me, more than double the power of the original is not slightly faster. Putting my sort of mathematician skills to work, it's actually ~139%. "bit" more than slight....wouldn't you say?

Now, I can concede that just the GPU isn't the entire factor to consider when looking at overall performance gains, but since the bulk of the work in modern games takes place in the GPU, one could reasonably assume if the rumors are true. that the Neo will be at least twice as fast....or 100% faster for the math geeks out there.

Or is your "truth" you're telling us that it's just a slim revision akin to MS X1S, which has a slightly higher TFlop rating, and all the rumors are BS and all these people just pulled these magic numbers out of thin air?

That may be true actually, but it begs the question....why then, did MS feel the need to get a jump on the next gen so soon with the Scorpio....because it without a doubt changes the entire structure of the current console war arguments if Sony plans to stick out this gen with the PS4 as is, or with a slight upgrade....and would actually make MS look pretty bad IMO because they are looking to get out of this gen as quickly as possible. But obviously MS would not have mentioned Scorpio if they didn't already know that Sony had something more with Neo.

TwoForce833d ago

Sony confirmed PS4 Neo exist, but we don't know the spec of it.

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BattleAxe833d ago

PS4 Neo was such a waste of R&D funds for Sony. Of course it's going to be low key, because they don't want to announce a more powerful console, and then look like they wasted their time once Xbox Scorpio releases to great fanfare a year or perhaps less than a year later. There's no doubt that Microsoft has severely hampered Sony's original plans with PS4 Neo.

It was also pretty clear that they cut some content from the end of their E3 conference, which ended on a really weird note, no doubt because of Microsoft's announcement of Xbox Scorpio. Sony has clearly underestimated Microsoft's plans for the future, which is a result of their arrogance, which is on full display everytime they are ahead in a console cycle. Sony was as good as gold during the PS3 cycle, but I wish I could say the same this time around.

Majin-vegeta833d ago

Lol Sony has nothing to worry about.

joeorc833d ago

"Sony was as good as gold during the PS3 cycle, but I wish I could say the same this time around."

What the hell?
Oh my ...LMAO
Where was you for the past 7 years on the internet?

Now that is pure gold.

jznrpg833d ago

You dont know anything , it hasnt even came out yet. How could you go so far as to say it was a waist of R&D , you dont know how kuvh they invested or will get back. Maybe that is what you aee hoping for but it makes no sense at all what you are trying to say. You asse Scopio isn't going to do well and Neo wont. You sound like a hopeful MS employee

daynnight365833d ago

"Sony was good as gold during the ps3 cycle", I'm pointing out just one incorrect part of your asinine statement.
It wasn't until the very end of the cycle that ps3 got on track.

iceman06833d ago

So, MS is the greatest for releasing a console that might alienate part of a fanbase (the most diehard) after 3 years. But, Sony is arrogant because they chose a more modest route to try to make sure to keep their fanbase united? Okay....right.
We have very little confirmed information about Sony's new machine. We have leaked specs and an acknowledgement that it exists. That's it. If you want to crown MS with all of your "fanfare" before you know anything about pricing of either, then go ahead. I'll take a more realistic approach and wait for solid information.

jmc8888833d ago

Waste of funds? You clearly don't know anything.

Do you even realize that Sony hold many of the control points for media consumption in its hands and it's leveraging them in a synergistic fashion? No? Ok.

Let's see. Gaming, 4k blu rays, PSVR, and 4ktv. They all go together. Sony provides them all. This is more about getting everything in sync to complement each other.

Meanwhile Scorpio looks nice. But how much will it cost? There's a good chance that thing will be $599 at launch. Meanwhile there's a good chance Neo will come a year earlier and be significantly cheaper.

Even then, since nothing has been announced, Sony might be changing their designs in certain ways.

Given the price that Scorpio might be, fanfare might not be a good word for it. Overall Scorpio is nice, but it's basically only a GTX 980 as Phil Spencer estimated himself. There already is quite a bit better out there right now (and for cheaper than the cost of a Scorpio), let alone over a year from now.

So both consoles Neo and Scorpio, really aren't pushing the top end. They are both similar to how the PS4/XB1 launched, about 30 percent as powerful as what you can get out there (for single GPU solutions), and the positions are switched so Microsoft is ahead power wise.

But since Neo's specs haven't been confirmed we're just guessing to as whether that is what it was, and whether or not it still is what it was. Certain aspects might have changed.

Overall it makes sense for Sony and Microsoft to release new iterations of their consoles with relatively middle level power just like they did in 2013, except with 2016-2017 tech. In other words 1.8 TFlops in 2013 is roughly equal to 6 TFlops in 2017.

Pongwater833d ago

Bizzaro world confirmed. This is big news, people!

Aenea833d ago

Just like MS gave up after Sony released the PS4 huh? :p

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XanderZane833d ago

I'm not getting the PS4 Neo or the PSVR this year. Not getting a XB1 S either. Really don't need any ofthis stuff right now. In the next couple years, it might be worth a look, but I'm happy with my PS4 & XB1 just the way they are right now.

Overload833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

If anything, I'll buy a Wii U or Xbox One this year. I'm getting PSVR though.

jmc8888833d ago

I take it you aren't buying PSVR?

If so, you are probably going to want a Neo.

Yes PSVR will work on original PS4, but there will be drawbacks.

Aenea833d ago

No there won't, stop with the nonsense!

The Neo can only increase the looks but it can do that for non-PSVR games as well and it hasn't stopped people buying TVs without the Neo either :D

aquamala833d ago

people that are happy with PS4 will be happier with Neo, rumored specs says it has double the GPU power, it's not just going to be a small difference

ninjazfistz833d ago


The PS5 might/SHOULD be backwards compatible as well meaning should people get the Neo? So many question marks this generation on consoles :(

No Way833d ago

I agree. I don't yet have a PS4, so I'll most likely pick up the Neo when it drops. I'd have picked up one already, if it weren't announced.

poppinslops833d ago

Same - I was gonna buy one for Uncharted 4, but it got delayed and those Neo leaks (which all but forced Sony's E3 confirmation) ended up saving me some $$$... apparently there's an October deadline for compatible games, so I fully expect the system to launch within the next 6 months - probably sometime between the release of PSVR and Horizon Zero Dawn.

833d ago
shloobmm3832d ago

You never want a new console launch to be lowkey. Especially win the brand is so important to your companies survival.

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YinYangGaming833d ago

The PS4 current model looks to be just fine if the GOW demo is anything to go by. I've already got 4K/HDR covered with the Xbox One S so the Neo will need another selling point for me

MasterCornholio833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

You mean for 4K video right?

Anways the NEO is good for people who want a performance upgrade with games on the PS4.


I'm actually predicting better frame rate over visuals for the majority of NEO enabled games. Sure there will be better aliasing and improved textures but it won't be a massive leap*.

Again just my opinion.


Native is always better though. Plus TVs have been upscaling console games to 4K before the Xbox One S came out. So I don't see why upscaling is so special.

Just my opinion.

@your Edit

"PS4 running GOW is all I need to see to know there's no rush to upgrade"

Why can't the same be applied to the XB1? It's not like the Xbox One S is going to produce better visuals than its larger sibling.

Also we haven't seen GOW on the NEO yet so we don't know if its worth the upgrade or not.

gameseveryday833d ago

At the end of the day, the base content will be the same. I am interested in what kind of graphical leap we will see. Will it be like from PS2 to PS3? I kind of doubt that. But we shall see.

YinYangGaming833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Actually, the upscaler in the S works fine for 4K gaming mate

Edit to your edit: Native is always better but I doubt Neo will be doing much 4K native anyway, it will run at higher resolutions than 1080p and then upscale from there but it'll still be upscaling but the base PS4 running GOW is all I need to see to know there's no rush to upgrade

ONESHOTV2833d ago

MasterCornholio----- You mean for 4K video right? here is someone grasping at straws when he already know the answer can the xone run 4k games ? no it can not so why ask jumping to defence too fast man calm down

Unspoken833d ago

I'm still on the fence with NEO. I may hold off until the PS5 comes out considering my multiplats will be played on the more powerful Scorpio.

If the NEO can pass on its power to current games by increasing frame rates and maintaining dynamic resolution then I might be more tempted. Haven't seen any compelling games for the Playstation but that may change when the new ips' Detroit Become Human and Horizon Zero Dawn are released and maybe God of War though I'm already worn out on that series.

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_-EDMIX-_833d ago

How about games? I'm pretty positive you can't play Detroit or God of War or The Last Guardian or Horizon zero Dawn on an Xbox or PC

poppinslops833d ago

Can't play em on a PS4 either... and I'm betting the Neo releases before any of the games you listed - PSVR is coming and Sony won't want to be percieved as having the weakest hardware for long, plus they'll no-doubt be eager to get VR versions of No Man's Sky, Fallout 4 and other 'normal' games as incentive for the hardcore audience, who - let's face it - aren't gonna rush out to buy PSVR for 'Rigs' or 'Summer Lesson'.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Rashid - Neo will be what the leaked documents describe and it will launch sometime in the next 6 months... Yeah, Sony are gonna make some noise, but anyone expecting a reveal akin to the hysteria of 2013 will be disappointed.

PhucSeeker832d ago

Will you change your mind if Sony goes "All Ps4 games will be running at 60fps on Neo" ? 60fps should have been the standard this gen.

_-EDMIX-_831d ago

"60fps should have been the standard this gen" No.

Please learn about how games are made. Seriously. MOST who say this don't even have a slight clue. Game on PC to fully get that scaling of graphics is by choice and clearly you must lower settings to reach certain numbers.

Developers don't want to on a fixed platform, that is THEIR CHOICE! They won't release muddy, low poly count, degraded games to merely hit a number.

If they want the frame, sure, if they want the graphical quality, ok then.

ITS DEVELOPER DEPENDENT! How about the "standard" this gen should be to let developers make their games THE WAY THEY WANT TO!

Want 60fps all time REGARDLESS OF QUALITY? Go play on PC. You'll start to realize how stupid that comment is when you have to keep upgraded to maintain that quality as if you only want 60fps, don't cry when you realize you have to lower all settings to hit that number.

I game on both too btw.

masterfox833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

I think they are doing something similar like the PSP, I remember when they released the PSP 3.5 firmware the core clock speed was ramp up/unlocked and most nobody not noticed that higher spec, the increase was like 35%.

At this point it doesn't matter if the competition releases a new consoles next year, history is repeating it self, the Playstation 2 set the rules who is the king, then Gamecube and Xbox release later with higher specs but we all know who remained triumph.

833d ago Replies(3)
Duke19833d ago

If it is releasing in October, it definitely has been pretty quiet leading up to the release. That said, its kind of refreshing - not getting blasted with hype and ads. Just release it and let the consumer base decide if an upgrade is worth it or not

NotEvenMyFinalForm833d ago

If Neo offers 60fps across all games I'll buy it. If the upgrade is only for resolution then I don't care.

Rimeskeem833d ago

If the rumored specs are true the game should run every game on ultra setting 1080/60. At least that's according to that one site that does all the analysis and stuff (can't remember their name)

Kayant833d ago

If you want that then you should get a PC because as long as devs choose what settings to use on console you will never have this choice as a user no matter how powerful the hardware.