The Worst 5 Call of Duty Maps Ever - The Zombie Chimp

Within Call of Duty and the all the different Modern Warfare games these are five of the worst maps not only in the game itself, but to hit any first person shooter ever.

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hduce829d ago

Nuke town in any variation is the most hated COD map for me. It wouldn't be so bad if the P2P connection of console COD could keep up with the action but it cant. Add in the jump pack thrusting of Black Ops 3 which is lag inducing and you generally have a one sided massacre.

NarooN829d ago

I've hated Nuketown since it was introduced. It always baffled me as to how anybody could call it a fun map, but then you realize the typical CoD player has no idea what good game design is and has super-low standards for what makes something "good" in an FPS lol.

CerebralAssassin829d ago

This is one of the most ridiculous lists I've seen in a while.