Ranking 11 Metal Gear Solid Games (Worst to Best)

Ranking 11 of the Metal Gear Solid games- worst to best.

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ThePope535d ago

I have a really hard time not naming MGS as the best MGS game of all time. When my buddies and I beat that we talked about it for months. It was a water shed moment for gaming. IMO.

Shaun2k5535d ago

To be fair, the top 2 could be switched round with little argument from me. The big sell for why I put 3 first was purely because one made me go "Wow" but MGS3 was like "Woooooow". It blew my expectations out the water.

Razputin535d ago

Have to agree with this. 1 and 3 can be changed interchangeably, but it depends the person.

3 - Snake Eater, had better controls and the fact that they changed the camera for Subsistence, made it that much better.

If you can get over the controls, camera, and limitations of Metal Gear Solid in its original form, now, than it is one the best games hands down in my opinion.

I've set bars for myself to beat the original 3s in less than 3 hours each, with no cutscenes.

One hell of a franchise, though I can't get myself to beat Metal Gear Solid 5, and 4 was great, but nothing in comparison to the original 3.

And honestly have to say if it wasn't for MGS1 coming out first, 3 would have been that much more amazing.

Hell I'm going to install 1 and 2 on PC today.

Gaming101534d ago

There are two aspects to MGS games - the gameplay and game design elements, and the stories.

Gameplay got better every single game, it never really got worse. There were always strides of improvements, there's no doubt.

Story is subjective. I'm a diehard MGS fan, and MGS 1 still has far and away the best story. It's not even close.

MGS3 story is ok but it got really ridiculous and overly Japanese with the subtext and the nuance of why things were happening.

MGS2 will go down in history as being the most convoluted and confusing, over bloated story in gaming history.

MGS5's ending was so stupid, it insulted the intelligence of gamers, and its own head is so far up its own ass it chews its food twice. A shame, given how brilliant the gameplay was.


He forgot Metal Gear Solid Mobile which a canon MGS game that happens between MGS1 and MGS2.

formanbradley534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

I personally think MGS1, 2, and 3 can be swapped for the #1 place depending on who you are.
And The Phantom Pain is better than MGS2? LOL I'M DYING, I CAN'T, PLEASE STOP IT.

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Movefasta1993535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

4 and 5 for me,and the reason for that is because of the controls.Pre 4,the tank controls annoyed me,i still finished the games but when i go back to play 2 and 3 i do not have fun.But recently,i began my 6th playthrough of 4,and the controls are just soo much better,the aiming,the crouching,just the overall movement makes the gameplay so much more enjoyable.And 5's gameplay is absolutely incredible.But yeah that's my biggest gripe with the old mgs games.
If i have to rank them off nostalgia,then 2 and 3 are my favs...easily.But overall,4 is the greatest .

Rebel_Scum535d ago

I've only played MGS and MGS3. I'm trying to play through the series now in chronological order but Portable Ops is killing me. Its so bad.

Lukejrl535d ago

It is pretty rough cause of all the damn dragging.

formanbradley534d ago

It's not even full canon, skip it and read the wiki. Start Peace Walker

nevin1535d ago

MGS4-A Blu Ray movie

MGS3- The mechanics were outdated

MGS5- Fun gameplay but flawed open world structure and repetitive missions.

MGS2- Really fun but goes full retard when you start as Raiden.

MGS1- Masterpiece

silvacrest534d ago

MGS2 gets unnecessary hate just because of raiden who isn't even a bad protagonist, the codec calls you get with him and rose just wouldn't happen with snake.

The story is so interesting and is still relevant over a decade later.

It looks better then MGS3 (graphics) even though 3 came after it.

I wont go on but i suggest the haters watch someone who knows the game in and out play it and expose everything it has to offer

-Foxtrot534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

" the codec calls you get with him and rose just wouldn't happen with snake"

They would have worked with Snake and Meryl

Over the course of the game you slowly open yourself up to Meryl and at the end you are crushed to find out it's just the System.

Why would that not be good? You see a guy who is emotional close, get friendly (maybe a little flirty) convos throughout the entire game only to see him being manipulated by the A.I system

Plus it would make more sense that the Colonel and Meryl are helping the main character together then him and a new character you've never heard of before.

silvacrest534d ago


Perhaps but then then you need to have a reason for meryl to be there, just retconning her for rose wouldn't work

Maybe he would open up to the AI meryl and not notice its not her but the colonel who he has known for over a decade? i doubt it

Basically MGS2 portrays raiden as the VR noob with no real experience, snake is the Highly experience super soldier, chances of him being duped by AI are pretty low

formanbradley534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

MGS1's staircase is anything but a masterpiece.
And look up Super Bunnyhop's critical analysis of MGS2, it might change your opinion from "going full retard" to "I'm literally a retard because this story is so complex I can't grasp it"

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