The State of Marvel’s Video Games: Is Their Potential Being Squandered?

Despite whatever video game I may be playing at the moment, there’s a few (off the top of my head) that I always find myself returning to for one reason or another: Final Fantasy XI, Mirror’s Edge, Super Mario Bros. 3, XCOM: Enemy Within, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. In the case of that last one, you can imagine my excitement over the recent announcement that Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel would be returning to consoles in a matter of days (not as proper remasters, but with improvements, nevertheless).

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-Foxtrot863d ago

The seem to be nailing pretty much the Films and the TV shows...the fact they haven't managed to make a good Marvel game is unreal

Maybe Spiderman by Sony will change that....would be nice if that was the start of a video game cinematic world.

gamer7804863d ago

well disney infinity was cancelled by disney so that was squandered, so many heroes left to release, all the x-men etc. The licensed games rarely work out to be much more than average. A shame they scrapped the one good property they had going.

thejigisup862d ago

I think marvel/disney is being more selective these days. The Spiderman game that is in development is a sign of that. Sure marvel could pump out shovelware like many others but i think they are looking to change the way they fit into the video game industry. I'd love to see more AAA marvel games come to fruition in a similar fashion that the movies have, especially tying multiple storylines and characters together. Loud, colorful, well done(majoritively). For instance i would love to see a game based on Moon Knight done by Guerilla Games, i think it would take them out of their comfort zone and i think they'd knock it out of the park.

P_Bomb862d ago

Lego Marvel's great, but it's a far cry from their output 2 gens ago. PS2 had Hulk Ultimate Destruction, a couple Xmen Legends, a couple Ultimate Alliances, Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, a couple Fantastic Fours, Ghost Rider, the best Punisher game ever. And even those games had cameos themselves, such as Black Widow and Ironman in the aforementioned Punisher game. Maybe Spider-Man PS4 will Kickstart a new direction