Xbox One Backward Compatibility update: Three new games confirmed by Major Nelson

Microsoft has once again released another trio of backwards compatible games which are now ready to play on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

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BLizardXD862d ago

I wonder about Mistwalker's games. would be great to see them in this.

XanderZane862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Waiting for Lost Odyssey. I thought Blue Dragon was already added. Guess not.

DanielEndurance862d ago

Come on... Splinter Cell: Conviction!

GreenUp862d ago

Wake me up when BF2, BFBC, or BFBC2 are backwards compatible.

81BX862d ago

Give me medal of honor! Advanced

EazyC862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Rubbish. If you're doing BC do it right. I don't own XB1 but they should add Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Midnight Club LA, Burnout Paradise, and Modern Warfare 2.

EazyC862d ago

Yeah I guess. Still the best game under the banner of "Battlefield"

ninjazfistz862d ago

Bad Company 2 is on Steam still...however Bad Company 1 has never had a release past ps3/360

XXanderXX862d ago

MS would love to just add game , but something tells me the ones holding up the games are the publishers & developers of those games .

gninja92862d ago

okay, i can understand their position on not adding new games that people want, so why no go public with this info and basically shame the publishers into releasing the stuff for BC, its not like they are going to remaster everything

LastCenturyRob862d ago

Could be, but publishers of games that no longer sell would be open to an all new market and those who do own the games may purchase an expansion they never got around to buying... Seems to me this would be a win for publishers but you never know.

Atomicjuicer861d ago

They should never have asked publishers in the first place. Backwards compatability is basic computing. I know they have to emulate but that's irrelevant.

This way we get like 5% of the games. Let the publishers sue. They'd lose.

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