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This underwater adventure relishes in giving you freedom to enjoy exploring the fascinating deep blue sea.

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TwoForce783d ago

I would recommend people play this game. You going to love it just like journey.

TwoForce783d ago

That joke is getting old.

Pongwater783d ago

It reminds me more of Flower than Journey, so far at least, but for those who like that type of game I recommend it as well.

Pongwater782d ago

Yeah there's definitely more of a Journey vibe as the game progresses. Beautiful stuff.

andresegr783d ago

Great addition to the already vast PS4 Catalog.

I will buy it for sure.

goathouse774783d ago

It's an easy game to recommend, but slightly more niche than Journey, and probably a bit inferior, on the balance.

You'd have to be an ogre to outright dislike it.

milkshake2783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

this guy is an ogre then XD :

goathouse774783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

I can understand someone coming to that conclusion, but I prefer to assess games on their own merits. It does suffer from the comparison to Journey - I freely admit that - but, it's time well spent.

Pongwater782d ago

Agreed. Not quite on the level of Journey, but still a great example of that type of game.

Rimeskeem782d ago

TBF saying its a bit inferior to Journey is basically calling it a fantastic game.

goathouse774782d ago

That's more or less how I feel about it...

fitfox783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

is there a physical release?

SuperbVillain783d ago

would be nice at the end of the day, turn out the lights, throw on headphones. light a j and youre set

Goldby783d ago

that was my first play through of it. and wow, just wow and true work of art that game

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