Former Xbox Head: Console Names Don’t Matter, Talks Wii And Its Name’s Unimportance

The Nintendo Wii was released back in 2006 and it has turned out to be one of the best selling gaming consoles in the history of video games.

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Kingthrash360714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

Counted with the wiiu tho.
The wii sold to casual gamers when the wiiu launched. these cauals thought it was just another wii..

blackblades714d ago

Lol console names doesn't matter. That right there is bull.

Filmicfps714d ago

agree- it matters. xbox one is a stupid name and wii u was stupid too.

iceman06714d ago

Sure, it's not the be all and end all of a console. Names, and their associations, evoke subconscious responses. "Stronger" names connote an idea of strength and power. There's often an explanation for why a name was chosen (though usually later in a products life) and most of that surrounds some philosophy of the company, brand, or the product itself. I think that the idea behind the name Wii was whimsy. It's a cooky, silly name to go with what was supposed to be a fun centered, less serious experience. It was a strange name. Some even called it stupid. But, it worked.
That being said, I doubt we'll see them go too far. That would be like Ferrari naming it's newest car The Platypus!!!

Pancit_Canton714d ago

I've always thought that Xbone is pretty funny AF. I guess the whole Xbox brand is pretty AF. It doesn't make any sense to some regular Joe what it means and what it stands for. Unlike, the PlayStation, NES or the SNES.

Darkfist_Flames714d ago

"Console Names Don’t Matter" then just call the new one Xbox Two