Disney Infinity Has Failed Its Fans In The Harshest Way

ScreenGurus offers our take on the real losers from the Disney Infinity closure and what it says about trends in video games.

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Godmars290841d ago

Should act as a message to the game community as the industry moves firmly into a online/server based future. One where games work as long as companies want.

ScreenGurus841d ago

What makes this worse for me. Infinity attracted a lot of parents and kids who bought into the dream because it was so easy and so beautiful. But now they're going to be left with next to nothing (Nothing if they were unlucky enough to buy the game on one of the really unlucky consoles). Disney is a big company, could it not fork out for the servers until interest naturally died away?

Hercules189840d ago

Its because of the elite you know who's that ruin everything once they know they could make a bigger profit elsewhere. There are people who can make 100s of millions and still feel poor because they realized they let a bigger profit slip away. Walt would be pissed if he saw what the company is today but he was a demon because he shared the same values as hitler and now the very people he hated now control Disney and the media.

R00bot841d ago

This is why I'll always hesitate before buying any game that is online only.

ScreenGurus841d ago

A sad glimpse into the future of gaming.

Godmars290840d ago

No. Current gaming. What's happening with Infinity can happen with any modern title that's dependent on servers.

Hoffmann841d ago

Yeah..I never buy online-only games. Sooner or later you have only a few other players and sooner or later you have a copy of a game you can't even play anymore.

CannonB8841d ago

But it's not online only. My son has about 40 of the figures and Infinity 2.0 and 3.0 and he very rarely goes online.
With the recent introduction of the Battlegrounds playset, he can now fight Smash Bros style on local multiplayer.
I am a bit pissed that there will be no more Marvel figures (Dr Strange looked amazing) or Rogue One figures, but he'll still have the disks and figures so he won't lose out.

Aenea841d ago

But this game isn't online only? You can keep playing it on your consoles for the rest of your life, you just can't play online or download user created content...

R00bot840d ago

Did you read the article? On windows, android, iOS and apple tv the game is online only. Every figure they've bought, all the DLC, all the levels they've made, all their progress, all wasted.

Aenea840d ago

And did you read my post? I said *consoles*... But I didn't know the other platforms save data on the servers instead of locally...

R00bot839d ago

Apple TV is a console no matter which way you look at it. Not everyone has it on conventional consoles, so of course this is still an issue. No need to insinuate that I didn't read your comment (of course I did as I replied to it lol).
When I asked if you read the article it was a legitimate question as you would have known that not everyone is getting off scot-free if you had read the article.
Instead of attempting to justify this kind of anti-consumerism you should feel lucky that you haven't spent hundreds of dollars on the game on the Apple TV or other devices that will lose everything.

Aenea839d ago

No, I'm not justifying it, not at all. Have quite a few figures myself and wanted to buy more, I hate this has happened.

I indeed didn't read this article, but I read several others with the same content, in those it wasn't clear to me that the non-console versions didn't save their data locally.

And please, the Apple TV is a nice piece of tech (have one myself, tho the previous model) but it's certainly not a game console, it's a media player which allows you to play games as well. Next thing you're going to tell me that smart TVs are consoles too because they play games!

Again, my post said that console owners can still play offline, that implied that I knew the non-console versions were different and with that I also included the non-console Apple TV :)

R00bot839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

The new apple TV is a very capable piece of tech though, more powerful than a Wii U for sure, and getting some legitimate games (such as Disney Infinity, skylanders, guitar hero, Rayman, Asphalt 8, and more). The previous generations really were just streaming devices, though. These new ones are more like an ouya than a streaming device.

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Hoffmann841d ago

Will Marvel Heroes be the next?

ScreenCritics841d ago

Indeed. I don't think the fad is dead, but there's cause for concern

Nodoze841d ago

THIS is why the online gaming model is broken. For those that collect and keep games, those are nothing more than coasters. As more and more games shift online, and more and more of them require the infrastructure to run...gaming is slowly becoming less and less appealing. The digital only, online only gaming future is here. I say good luck with all that. Not for me.