Unique Overwatch Cosplays at Anime Expo 2016

Are you a fan of Overwatch? Do you like cosplay? Here MMOsite will show you some unique Overwatch Cosplays spotted at Anime Expo 2016.

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ZaWarudo597d ago

It's Hiiiigh Noon... In my pants!

Erik7357596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

That comment was so bad but I still upvoted lol

Btw none of these girls are attractive to me, at least in the face, except the D.VA one ( the second one in the group photo not the first one shown).
Face and body are equally important

NecoTehSergal596d ago

When you go to America and most of them are just screeching harpies who're SJW's and feminists, they have a hard time filtering through them all.

awdevoftw596d ago

real girls would never dress or act like that........... oh, wait. those are real girls. social justice retreat!

Bahamut596d ago

Social justice rains from above!

GNious596d ago

Urgh, website with pop-unders

VTKC596d ago

They are convincing cosplay. I see Mcree has two new stun weapons to use. Is Mercy naked and painted on?

Chinkyinc18596d ago

Look at the size of the handcannons......and that revolver is pretty diesel, too! *Drum Rimshot*