What Makes An Epic Video Game Boss Battle?

We ask what makes an epic video game boss battle so memorable, and take a look back at some of the best and worst examples.

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Kashima481d ago

Hands down "Giant enemy crab" wins.

ScreenGurus481d ago

Gaming just wasn't ready for that!

ONESHOTV2481d ago

borderlands crawmerax and his kids ? lol

masterfox481d ago

The should ask Santa Monica God of War creators, their boss fights are beyond badassery :D

ScreenGurus481d ago

The only issue with God of War is choosing just one "best" boss battle. Like an avalanche of great moments.

Raoh90481d ago

for someone that has never played the series, which one would you say is the best epic boss battle in GOW?

masterfox481d ago

Definitely I think God of War III are the best of all, Ascension has some insane battles too.

NukaCola481d ago

3's Poseiden & Chronos, and the original's Leviathan

BossBattle481d ago

Bosses that regenerate are always a challenge.

ScreenGurus481d ago

I always thought they were slightly cheap. Then again I'm usually being massacred by them - so what would I know haha.

BossBattle481d ago

I hate when I I'm whooping a Boss's butt and his bar all of the sudden fills back up or sometimes 2 bars appear.

JasonBloodbourne481d ago

Most of the ninja gaiden bosses were epic on the original Xbox and for me the current epic boss battle is the nameless King in dark souls 3 👍🏻

BossBattle481d ago

Those Ninja Gaiden games were as hard as Dark Souls games.

Kashima481d ago

Only had trouble with Alexi thing whatever was his name.

JasonBloodbourne481d ago

Yes mate they were. Fantastic game the first gaiden. I'd love a reboot of that franchise

Flipgeneral481d ago

The music! I know I'm in for a good fight when I get a well composed piece of music to exemplify the boss' badassery

Therefore, every FFVII boss is epic!

Drdeadlocke481d ago

Part of the reason windwaker final boss was so epic was the music for me I still have that theme stuck in my head :)

ScreenGurus480d ago

This very much so! Music is a huge part of what makes the encounter so memorable.

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