'Agent': Rockstar's Long Lost Game

Rockstar has had long development cycles in the past, with Red Dead Redemption taking five years to develop, but is Rockstar still working on a game that was announced almost ten years ago?

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Majister-Ludi869d ago

Really strange this game never saw daylight. Everything rockstar touches is Gold so I'm sure this would have turned out well. Very strange indeed.

YAO-BLING869d ago

we saw a few mockup designs leak a few years back but nothing from it again.. i hope rockstar really gives sony what they deserved since they still owe them a true exclusive.

2pacalypsenow869d ago

Wasn't this game the one Rockstar gave Sony in exchange for letting them release GTA4 simultaneously on Ps3 and Xbox 360?

krypt1983869d ago

What letting them release simultaneously Sony has no say over anything rockstar releases rockstar use to favor Sony but that was because Nintendo didn't want manhunt on there console,
Agent was suppose to be a exclusive to sony for goodwill because of the year long dlc Microsoft had over Sony

2pacalypsenow868d ago

They had an exclusive deal dating back to GTA 3, and Sony let them break the contract to release GTA4 on both consoles.

SolidGear3869d ago

L.A. Noire was supposed to be PS3 exclusive but they let that go multiplat in exchange for Agent being exclusive.

SonyStyled869d ago

No, it was la noire. Originally la noire was fully funded by Sony and to be published by Sony as a PS3 exclusive. La noire then became a multiplatform title and publishing rights was handed to rockstar. Agent was supposed to be the game rockstar would develop to recoup Sony for their original investment in the development of la noire while It was funded by Sony

SaveFerris869d ago

Can we consider this vapourware?

barb_wire869d ago

Could've sworn that back in either 2010 or 2011.. Rockstar returned the money (plus interest) that Sony had given them for development of 'Agent'.. IIRC the game was stuck in development hell, as the team assigned to make it couldn't decide on which direction the game should go. The split was very amicable between Rockstar and Sony.

Wish I could find that info.

SonyStyled869d ago

Jack Tretton said something like that in an interview years ago. In regards to the game he said it was something rockstar would need to be asked.
Development hell it was. Team bondai closed down after the game released. I read something like 12 people were working on it when it was a Sony published title. I find it interesting how a lot of the articles related to the subject can't be found on the web anymore

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