Capcom Announces Losses for First Quarter; Phoenix Wright Sales “Largely as Planned”

Capcom just released its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2016, ended on June 30th. Unfortunately both operating income and ordinary income were in the red, with a decrease of net sales year on year of almost 25%.

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naruga719d ago (Edited 718d ago )

lol ...if they continue to release crappy RE games like Revelations , Umbrella Corps, ( probably RE 7) and fully support the gimmicky underpowerd 3DS with one of the most precious IPs -Monster Hunter (and if they dont prepare their next entry for Vita or PS4 will continue to lose money...also they must get back for development some iconic IPs like Devil May Cry and Lost planet and be assumed by THEIR own Japan studios (not by ambiguous westerners)

jcnba28719d ago Show
Herbalistic719d ago

" they must get back for development some iconic IPs like Devil May Cry and Lost planet and be assumed by THEIR own Japan studios (not by ambiguous westerners)"

The problem is that many of the talented Japanese devs have left Capcom along time ago.

naruga719d ago (Edited 718d ago )

yes this is true ...but its still a big company and can ever hire/contract back some talents or give it to Platinum or even train the new ones ...imo they still have the mojo to develop great games

VTKC718d ago

I never thought the possibility that the talent left.._..._this makes me very sad, and this also explains why capcom are nickel and diming and milking their games which arent very good games, with a very well known one which was even incomplete. Its their desperate solution to stay alive. But its only procrastinate the inevitable. Making poor sequels of franchises people loved back in the day of their finest because capcom no longer have the talented people that created these masterpieces. This has given me a whole new perspective in what is happening to capcom.

darthv72718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

well the xbox needs more fighters. Capcom should swallow their pride and just make a SFV version for xbox and that way they can pay sony back the $$ for marketing and put some of it to making deep down.

Aside from deep down, none of their games should be limited to specific platforms. They have a wealth of unused properties that they could tap into. the retro scene is so hot right now that forgotten worlds, magic sword, ghouls and ghosts... could all get some sort of new release to generate some much needed revenue.

@dark, I know sony's role in the development of the game. Sony should be insulted with what was delivered. If anything Sony paid to keep it off the xbox which is just as bad if not worse than timed exclusivity. It is impossible to believe that capcom could never have made the game without their help. It's fricken Street Fighter... their biggest and most profitable franchise of all time. Had this been a RE game then that would make sense but seriously... Sony should be paid back and Capcom can make a complete version of the game and sell it on all platforms.

Chevalier718d ago

They should just do an online Monster Hunter on PS4 and XB1. Or Dragons Dogma online.

DarkHeroZX718d ago (Edited 713d ago )

Lol they can't make a SF5 on Xbox. Sony litterally helped co-fund the game. They'd have to reimburse Sony as well as spend more money on a Xbox port that will probably sell even worse on that platform.

Mr-Dude718d ago (Edited 718d ago )


I agree, SF V is a big mess and a censored POS. I hate that I spend money on that big turd. And I am a PS fan. Gameplay is good, but the rest?

What Capcom also should do is focus less on remasters, especially the crap ones like RE5 and 6. Give us those old IPS like Dino Crisis

Sure, here have some. But, haven't you had enough already?

_-EDMIX-_718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Who says they're currently not making an Xbox version?

My only worry is if they can even afford the port and that they might have to ask Microsoft to pitch in money.

@chev- agreed. But it brings the question how they're going to fund such a development and we would have to propose Microsoft or Sony would put in some money to get those things developed.

We need to come to the reality that Nintendo , Microsoft and Sony have all paid money to have a Capcom game produced.

@mr.dude- I want to drink too much of the Kool-Aid if I were you.

Sony does not own the intellectual property to street fighter.

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Austin48718d ago

@naruga your saying it's because of Resident Evil umm no it ain't the only one that sucked out of the paragraph u just wrote was umbrella corps that's all and the remastered versions did good and not to mention RE7 is not out yet and for your information Resident Evil hasn't gotten as much attention since RE4 and RE7 is a breath of fresh air it will sell good and be a very big success because the small minority of people like you don't matter to the huge majority of us that like it a lot.

SolidGear3718d ago

Amen.. very excited about RE7

TXIDarkAvenger718d ago

Revelations is actually good, not sure what your talking about.

ShaunCameron718d ago

And on what planet is RE Revelations considered crappy?

Capcom still makes money from MH. The 3DS has served them well, hardware limitations notwithstanding. That's why they still support it.

SolidGear3718d ago

Revelations 2 was the best RE since the third game. Far from crap.

NapalmSanctuary718d ago

Been hearing about monster hunter from friends for a long time. I actually had a 3ds for a little while but I was so disappointed with the characters and story of Bravely Default and the play controls for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy (the 2 games I bought the system for) that I ended just selling it a few months later. Oh well...

_-EDMIX-_718d ago

"they must get back for development some iconic IPs like Devil May Cry and Lost planet"

What? Lol when have those series even had strong numbers even propose such a thing?

If you're going to give examples of what they should do at least do it with proven series...

The monster hunter games are partly being funded by Nintendo so they can't even do such a thing as they don't even have the funding to even propose that.

Ol_G718d ago (Edited 718d ago )

Still butthurt about Monster Hunter i see, it's fine if you're a fanboy but he numbers don't lie Monster Hunter sold record numbers on 3DS hate all you want but it made the series wel known in the west something Vita couldn't dream to achieve.
Again be a fanboy all you like but take a look at reality 3DS made them money and they know it

rjason12718d ago

3ds has blown other mh sales away.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

lose money LOL 3DS has been giving them money for the pass 5 years.

The Console side of Capcom has not. Which the problem. And Street Fighter V not selling on system with over 40m and PC.

It worst.

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Kashima719d ago

Crapcom get MH series back to sony and localize DDO.

jcnba28719d ago

Lol why would Capcom do that? MH sells like hotcakes on 3DS.

Hoffmann718d ago

A proper Playstation 4 MH game means tripple as many sold hotcakes probably.

IIFloodyII718d ago


Would also probably mean the hotcakes cost about 10x as much to make though.

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brokasfawk718d ago

Here's a tip
Drop all the Resident Evil shit for now

Give us Onimusha
Give us Devil may Cry 5
A new Marvel vs Capcom
A new Okami
Or try something new

pompombrum718d ago

All of those games listed were made back when they actually had talent working for them, making any of those games now would be like a new Metal Gear without Kojima.. okay maybe a slight exaggeration but I have very little confidence they could deliver on any of those titles.

brokasfawk718d ago

You have a point

I give up

Capcom is doomed

_-EDMIX-_718d ago

Even if they can produce those titles and great quality I wouldn't see them moving large units as even then when those games were made they were not moving huge unit....

Do people just not look at sales history?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory717d ago

Well Hideki Kamiya did say he want to work on Okami 2 but yeah Capcom.

_-EDMIX-_718d ago

Lol no.

Many of the intellectual properties you just named don't even sell that well for that argument even make sense.

pompombrum718d ago

Just how firmly can idiots wedge themselves in a company? They scared off all their talent and it shows. They have one of the longest lists of successful IPs under their belts, it's almost mind blowing how far they've fallen. So many bad decisions, if Capcom was a cat, how many lives would they have left?

_-EDMIX-_718d ago

Lol agreed. I still think they should play it safe with they're established intellectual properties just based on the risk you're talking about.

Lots of their bad decisions last generation span from even making some of those huge Triple-A titles.

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