No Man’s Sky OST: Music For An Infinite Universe Review

"Any fears or trepidation I may have held melted in the first 5:52 as initial track Asimov washed over me (note: I randomly selected this track – Monolith is the opening track and also superb). That slowly building drum loop and bass jangle seemed to make my 6:30am walk to the train station feel like I was setting out on something special. As the synths kick in they had. I was away, exploring somewhere new instead of making my normal trudge through a hazy British summer morning. By the time the guitars started pouring out their meloncholically tinged chorus I could feel my hands and mind itching to explore a game world I’ve yet to immerse myself in." - Zeth, GamesFiends

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ArchangelMike545d ago

Got mine pre-ordered. I noticed they've also reduced the price from what was previously advertised on Amazon.

moosehound545d ago

Yup - you also get a lot of album for your money with those 16 tracks :)

ArchangelMike545d ago

I wonder how listening to the album before playing No Man's Sky will affect the game. I rememeber listening to alot of The Witcher 3 OST before the game released, and even though I was playing the game for the first time, there was a very strong feeling of familiarity when certain tracks kicked in. I hope it's a similar experience with No Man's Sky - even though for the game the tracks have all been layered proceedurally.

Zarock543d ago

Not sure If this game has a story or It's just pure survival game!?

Goldby543d ago

Not sure if your being serious of its just a troll comment.

Look it up and find out. Thats what wr have all done

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