No Man’s Sky - SURVIVE Video | PS4

While some planets are beautiful and serene, many have extreme conditions that make survival difficult. Some planets will have extreme temperatures – from freezing lows to scorching highs – while others are drenched in toxic rain, heavily irradiated or completely submerged.

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Overload750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

I love the on board computer voice, but they shouldn't have edited it like that. Still, that was some good footage, they seem to have added more effects.

SaveFerris750d ago

I kinda wish the voice was less 'robotic'. Nice to see more footage especially of the hostile environments.

Overload750d ago

I think it will be cool while venturing around, but not something you want to hear over and over in a short space of time. There also might be different voices through upgrades or something like that.

freshslicepizza750d ago

that was actually a good video

kino17749d ago

It may only be for the purpose of the video, so people wouldnt be confused and think he's talking to someone over the radio

NecoTehSergal750d ago

That Wizard Came From the Moon.

FamilyGuy749d ago

lmao, that was perfect.

This game seems like it might live up to its initial hype after all. The "hype train" has been more like a roller coaster but it really looks like it'll end on a high note.

Kryptix749d ago

The voice really reminded me of Half Life's HEV Suit's voice:

That game was a classic.

ArchangelMike750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

I know they are deliberately using quick-cuts in these trailers so as not to show too much, but seriously they do need to at least direct and edit them a little bit differently. If you compare these recent trailers with the first reveal trailers (VGX, E3, PSX etc), there's a world of difference. All the previous trailers told a story, and had a progression. Starship is docked in space - starship takes off - space traders in space- pirates attack - starship flies through asteroid belt - towards planet - enters planet atmosphere - planet surface is seen - docking station spotted - starship lands - player exits ship - scans environment etc - etc. I thnk all the previous trailers where cut and edited much better than these 'quick-cut' trailers. I mean they're not much of a 'guide' to the galaxy, as much as a tease of the galaxy.

I know that the launch trailer will be released probably within the next week, and I really do hope they pull out the big guns for that trailer. I mean with near infinite worlds where we're never going to see 1% of it all , is it really too much to ask to see more planets, flora and fauna, ships etc in these trailers? Anyway, I can't wait for No Man's Sky.

See you at the centre of the galaxy.

Elwenil750d ago

It's called "marketing". They do the quick cuts back and forth to make you wish you could see more so that you will buy the product to see it. It's all about building hype and excitement for the product.

I don't particularly like it, especially when I am looking for details or trying to see something deeper than just a bunch of almost subliminal images.

Kosic749d ago

Must not be good marketing. I know very little of the game, and after seeing the trailer above I don't want to risk money on it still.

Elwenil749d ago


It's effective marketing. They already accomplished their goal, simply because you and I are here reading and talking about it.

Goldby749d ago

Also @Kosic

I feel that trailer and really all four of the pillars are for people who already know about the game. Its explains visually the mechanics of the game, but not the game itself really.

It would be like your first video of Show of Mordor being a 4 psrt series on the Nemesis System. You may or may not find it neat but wont get the full appreciation unless you knew what shafow of mordor was actually about

_-EDMIX-_750d ago

......this isn't a walk through. It was NEVER mean't to be that.

Apocalypse Shadow750d ago

It's going to be awesome to explore. Can't wait.

As for the voice,What does a future onboard voice sounds like? Should it be like halo from 2001?twiki from buck rogers? The AI from Robinson the journey?

Should you have choices like with ivona text to speech?

Does it matter?

As cool as it is that they have a procedurally generated galaxy to fly in and explore where no two places will be exactly the same, they chose a voice.

Live with it.

ArchangelMike750d ago

I'm surprised nobody has thought that the voice might actually proceedurally generated for each player. We know that the starting planet and starting starship are all proceedurally generated. Moreover all the creature and ambient sounds in the game are proceedurally generated. It's actually very likely that the onboard computer will also be proceedurally generated depending on your space suit and upgrades etc etc.

Overload750d ago

All Starships, NPC's within a race, weapons, space stations and buildings are procedurally generated. You get to name the starships and weapons too!

Apocalypse Shadow750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

Not saying it wouldn't be cool. Procedurally generated voices depending on what part of the galaxy your from sounds neat.

Or, if they put sliders in to adjust the range and tempo of the voice, that would be awesome too.

But, if they chose one voice, I can live with it.

dragonyght750d ago

im worry about this game. the game mechanic shown look simplify

Pandamobile750d ago

Yeah every trailer they release makes the game look less and less interesting. That and they're charging $60 for what should ultimately be a $30 game.

Overload750d ago Show
Pandamobile750d ago

Right, because not hopping on the ridiculous hype train for this game means I'm mad about it or something? I don't get where you're coming from with that comment.

Sparta07750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

What!? Lol
The more trailers they show I get more excited for this game.
And no its not hype, is just the game looks very promising. I wasn't so sure about nms but the more they show the more I want it

Rimeskeem750d ago Show
Sparta07750d ago

Slightly critical!? Really?
" every trailer they release makes the game look less and less interesting "
" they're charging $60 for what should ultimately be a $30 game "
Not being critical at all /s

This game is for pc and Ps nobody is saying is exclusive.

Pandamobile750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

I could go on about how the game doesn't appeal to me, but I'll get drowned in disagrees anyway. Beyond the whole infinite universe aspect, it seems like a very dry, boring survival game. The player locomotion and gun mechanics look like a cheap Unity game, yet it's priced as a AAA blockbuster.

I'd probably be a little bit more forgiving on it if it wasn't $66.49 on Steam.

PsylentKiller750d ago

Why should Hello Games charge $30? It sounds like you are saying they are not mainstream enough to charge full price. Nike can charge $120 for shoes but if I make a shoe of equal quality, I'm limited to only charging a fraction of what Nike is charging? If the people are upset with the pricing, they can vote with their wallets and not buy it at full price.

However, with a game of this scope and magnitude, full price seems about right. We don't know how much money was spent on making the game and we don't know what the lawsuits cost Sony and Hello Games. The $60 tag may be a way for them to recoup what they lost in the lawsuits. We will see who is right on August 9th. I have my ps4 digital copy preordered. I will let you know if your words ring true in about two weeks.

RioKing750d ago Show
Pandamobile750d ago

Bad vibes? Again, the only thing that irks me the wrong way is the price.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not the game turns out to be good. I'm sure plenty of people will like it, and it's got the Sony marketing team behind it, so it's pretty much guaranteed to get an 80+ on Metacritic. To me it just looks ok.

You guys act like people can't have differing opinions on N4G.

Pongwater749d ago

You seem every bit as unreceptive to differing opinions as anyone else here.

I disagree with you about the trailers, the price, the overall entertainment value the game appears to have, and the bizarre idea that a Sony marketed game is guaranteed 80+ on Metacritic.

My opinion has nothing to do with PlayStation.

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_-EDMIX-_750d ago

IT was never mean't to be a complex space sim. Not really sure what you thought it was.

phoenixwing750d ago

The survive mechanic of the game is what made me cancel my pre-order. Too much worrying about survival elements to enjoy the planets. I like everything else about this game though. I'll probably buy it when it's at a bargain bin price.

Psychotica750d ago

You cancelled over that?? That's crazy..

Overload750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

That's a weird reason, you don't have to land on planets with hostile weather conditions, your ability to survive on them is essentially a skill. Cold planets are farther from the Sun, hot planets are close to it for example, complete avoidable.

detroitmademe750d ago

I'm sure you're gonna still be able to enjoy the planets if that's you're thing. Sometimes your just gonna need the proper gear. I like the survival element. It adds depth to the gameplay and adds more difficulty. Games are played to have fun and achieve goals. Difficulty can increase tension, emotions of the player and give that feeling of satisfaction when you overcome it

Kirchh77750d ago

But why wouldn't u worry about an alien planets toxic atmosphere? Not every planet is like Earth...Would be pretty weird to be able to just walk around every planet without some atmospheric dangers.

bulletskillutwo750d ago

exactly, it wouldn't really keep it interesting and it just adds to the immersion. in the real universe you wouldn't be able to walk around on every planet...

Ozmoses750d ago (Edited 750d ago )

Yeah I agree with everyone else that is a weird reason to not get the game.

I mean that's part of the allure.. A strange planet in a far away location that could hold life or could be a death trap... I mean that's what space is all about.

The search for life and the allure of discovery. The trials and errors. The vast openess. The beauty. The harshness. Everything good and bad.

That's why space is so fascinating and that's why we as humans are so damn captivated by it.

In the beginning of the game yes it might be difficult, but that is only if your starting planet is a hostile environment (cold, hot, radiation, toxic) - dunno how many different types there are.

but I do know you can get around them... suit upgrades/protection of course... but I know for a fact that you can blow up holes and stuff in the planet terrain to make cave systems/tunnels that will WARM you up if you're on a COLD planet - they've shown this aspect of the game before in earlier video segments with Sean Murray.

I dunno about the other hostile environment types but I'm sure there is a way to get around them just like I mentioned above with the COLD planets. - here's the video... watch Sean Murray explain the survival aspect of the game and show you how to escape COLD conditions.

Goldby750d ago

"The search for life and the allure of discovery. The trials and errors. The vast openess. The beauty. The harshness. Everything good and bad."

The beauty in chaos, the ability to see life adapt to live on a planet with a toxic environment. Its sooo appealing

GribbleGrunger750d ago

Then stay away from planets like that. And even if you don't, this video only showed you the worse case scenario. Play the game how you want to play it. That's the point of No Man's Sky.

Pongwater749d ago

You must not play many games. This has about as many survival elements as any game that allows the player to drown in water or die in lava, toxic waste, etc. There are simply hazardous environments, but upgrading your suit allows you to be in them. Seems pretty simple.

cyber_daemonx749d ago

Ooh nms looks like it might actually be challenging and not just a walking simulator after all.

Cry harder lol.

frostypants749d ago (Edited 749d ago )

The survival element will be important. It will give you a reason to come back to systems you've already been to, to explore planets that were previously inaccessible. I love that.

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