Touch Mechanic DS: Trauma Center in a garage...

Kando ha just released Touch Mechanic, an interesting garage mechanic simulation game similar to Trauma Center. Even tough this is the first title from this developer I think they made a good job to recreate the "garage lifestyle" and the game will be pretty popular among tuning freaks and car maniacs...

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FantasyStar3673d ago

I'm all for new uses of the stylus, but don't you see a trend coming? By this time we'll also have "Touch Gardener" and "Touch Mexican Immigrant Worker"(pun intended).

I think it's time to retire games like these after Touch Mechanic DS.

name3673d ago

Trauma center was great. This can actually work if they do it right. Doubtful though.

FrankieBit3673d ago

The game is out in France and it's better than I first tough. It looks like a Japanese game but the developer is near de la Tour Eiffel...