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Chris of Pure PlayStation: If you’re desperate to join up with Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the super-squad, I’d recommend waiting for these to drop down to a reasonable price because, despite being solid games in the gameplay department, they just don’t deserve to be bought at the current market price. The re-releases were made with one purpose in mind: capitalise on the popularity of Marvel. Nothing more, nothing less. Fans be damned, Activision just wanted to make a quick buck. I’m sorry to say they’ve got more of mine than I’d have liked.

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Hoffmann844d ago

Sometimes the price for a game, especially older ones should play a role in the review score. Especially if the reviewer himself recommends to wait until a game is cheaper.

Activision and Marvel released this for a hilarious high price without even adding all dlc of the past.

chrish1990844d ago

Yeah, normally I try not to bring pricing into reviews and use look at it as the end product, but in this case the cost of the has to be a part of the critique. Maybe £15 a pop/£30 bundle would have been more palatable.