Dreamcast - A New Hope

Although the last PAL Dreamcast titles were released in mid-2002, over in Japan the system keeps on going. In fact, nearly nine years after it was launched in Japan, the start of 2007 will see no less than three new titles reach the hands of hardened Sega fans. Do we need to mention that all three are 2D shooters? Nope, didn't think so.

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Marty83703991d ago

Dreamcast to get more games than the Xbox will get in

RBlaze3991d ago

Yea, and it'll probably sell more consoles than the PS3 in 2007 too.

(not aimed at any other PS3 gamer, just at PS3Fan for making a pointless comment).

OutLaw3991d ago

It's sad because I always felt that the Dreamcast was a way better system than the PS2.

Resident Evil Code Veronica, Powerstone 1&2, DOA 2,Soul Caliber and Ready2Rumble was all great games on the Dreamcast, to bad the system didn't make it.

ChronicOsmosis3991d ago

woohoo dreamcast is back it never died it was just sleeping. now all we need is shenmue 3 on dreamcast that would be sooooo sweet.

Norad63991d ago

The Dreamcast LIVES!!!!!!!!

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