Missing Out on the Meh: Why It’s Okay Not to Love 'Transistor'

Goomba Stomp: I went on a date with Transistor a few weekends back. I took screenshots and scribbled mad, half-realized blatherings on various Post-It Notes, trying to prep myself for an (admittedly belated) review of the game, but what it comes down to is I just didn’t love it. I’m one “meh” opinion in a sea of stellar reviews. Transistor didn’t work for me, and that doesn’t add up to very much. But it got me thinking about what it means to go against the tide in the murky world of video game reviews.

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Darkwatchman866d ago

The industry is full of toxicity from consumers. A single review that disagrees with the majority is lambasted even if that review has better reasoning to back up its score than another majority review. People are so blind to reasoning and legitimate arguments, listening only to the majority and not caring how poorly backed up a review is.

I've seen and read plenty of reviews of games I disagreed with, but because the reviews made legitimate points, I thought "alright. I got you". Whereas the countless commenters ignore reasoning and will hate just to hate.

yeahright2866d ago

Hey I get it. Transistor is one of my favorite games but I know that no game is for everybody. I myself am in the minority when it comes to not liking first person shooters, online multiplayer, sports titles and Bethesda games. I get that people enjoy these things, just not for me so I can respect and empathize when someone doesn't care for a game I adore.