7 Bad Guys Who Had a Point, Now I Think About It

OX writes: " When you think about it, the ostensibly bad guy sometimes has a good point after all. Reconsider Streets of Rage 2's beleaguered barkeep Barbon, Batman Arkham Origins' took-it-too-far activist Anarky and did-what-he-had-to King Logan from Fable 3, for starters, in the following video. "

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mastershredder871d ago

Yeah that topic was fun, but I did not realize it was going to break down into spoilers. >:( I still have some of these in my library that I play when I'm not on my main squeeze games.

Pozzle871d ago

Not to be a dick, but they literally warn you of spoilers 20 seconds into the vid and list the games they're going to spoil.