Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

Nintendo's upcoming NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers, a number of sources have confirmed to Eurogamer.


Admin note: normally this would fail because everything is from unnamed sources, but we are allowing it as a rumor based on the images shown.

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Malice-Flare752d ago

this one i gotta see to believe. i think they can pull it off...

Overload752d ago

This tells me they are done making actual home consoles anymore, which is very disappointing. It just sounds like a pretty powerful handheld that can be docked.

naruga752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

huh?? are they serious?? good luck nintendo...for me if its true, is just NO

kparks752d ago

This is a no for me also if it's true.. I just want Nintendo to make a damn console, tired of all the damn gimmicks!

cleft5752d ago

If this console allows you to play your 3DS games on your TV and take them on the go with you, this could be fairly significant. Nintendo could definitely have something here with this device.

Kingthrash360752d ago

If it's a handheld that's as powerful as a ps4 then that's a win. But my mind is malfunctioning about how it will look. The controllers are key.....please let them be usable. If no the it may be the wiiu all over again

Overload752d ago

I'm not even sure a handheld that uses Tegra and cartridges can even begin to approach PS4 levels. I'm not up to date on what cartridges and Tegra can do, but this being like a PS4 or Xbox One sounds far fetched.

Saigon752d ago

For Japan this is a solid move...for the ROW its going to take some convincing. I honestly think they may pull this off if they can properly state how the home console will be used. This is one reason why i hate rumors...we only really get a piece of the puzzle. lets hope when they choose to reveal we will see something solid.

darthv72752d ago

The PSP Go was a portable unit that could dock to a TV and use a sixaxis controller to play. Pretty neat little device too. I didn't let the lack of UMD slow me down from playing various digital PSP games. It's how i play PSP games now.

I honestly thought Sony would be first to market with a dual purpose system.

Testfire752d ago

As suspected, it's another gimmick attempt that will not be as powerful as the current competition and leagues behind the Neo and especially the Scorpio. So bye bye again to proper 3rd party support and it'll be another console that only the hardcore Nintendo fans will support.

s45gr32752d ago

The console hardware war is over. This is better than a traditional, wannabe pc gaming machine, console. Able to play say console game anywhere, anytime, and on any place is better than stuck in front of a tv. By doing this, hardware power is no longer an issue.......

bouzebbal752d ago

it has always been rumored as a hybrid. i love Nintendo, i am interested in all their hardware.
I will get Breath of the Wild on Wii U, except if NX version has a better gameplay possibilities.

752d ago
NatureOfLogic_752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

My expectations were extremely low for NX and they still managed to disappoint me. It's time for Nintendo to go third party.

_-EDMIX-_752d ago

This is what I've been saying for the longest time now that the X in NX actually just means crossover.

In Japanese the X means several things it means stop and it also means to cross over or to cross. I believed that they were likely going to make a hybrid because of several reasons financially they cannot afford to keep making two platforms that are selling lesser than their previous.

With the performance of the Wii U it showed that they just did not have the money to invest billions into a platform that would only move 12 million.

I did that with Nintendo's own remarks stating that their new platform would replace the 3DS and Wii U how could it do both? Also add in that they stated their next platform would have their most support they've ever given a device how could they give the most support if they still have two platforms unless it's actually one?

The rumors about them not having a disk drive and using cartridges only support the idea that the platform is a handheld foremost.

How the term X is recognized in Japan , the rumors we've heard , Nintendo's Current financial situation and even Nintendo's own words themselves have sort of revealed what the NX likely is.

I think it's a good idea that they quietly exit the console Market in the only thing they could give to console Gamers that are still fans of their products is the ability to just play it on the TV screen so that way they can have the best of both worlds, but I honestly believe they are smart to go this route because that their main base is actually handheld.

This is just a PSP 3000 folks.

freshslicepizza752d ago

one of my concerns is what i thought all along, too much investment in what makes it different than the others. much like the wii u hardware costs will be allocated to the screen which means the nx will not be that powerful. that is because nintendo will never price themselves too high. they are a family friendly company and would never sell a game system for $500.

if this thing is true i am out. i don't want to have to pay for something i may not use, portability. just give me a basic game console for pete's sake, is that too much to ask for?

rainslacker752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Carts shouldn't matter for what the system can do. They're just a storage medium, and even slow ones are signifcantly faster than optical media, and generally there is less seek time compared to hard drives.

Tegra can be good or bad depending on the actual generation of Tegra and overall specs. They're some of the better mobile chips out there, although I'm not sure which class of Tegra Nintendo will use. Bigger thing will be if it uses a discrete GPU, and being a mobile system, it's hard to imagine it will be able to handle anything close to PS4 or X1....unless it uses some sort of speed step technology where it just uses a low power mode while in it's mobile, undocked form.

Not sure if I'd consider it a hybrid at this point. Having a docking station to connect to a TV does not really make it a hybrid console anymore than one's own current tablet connected to the TV through HDMI makes it a media player like one's Blu-Ray. If the docking station adds power to the system, to give it more power when connected, then I could consider it a hybrid....and I recall some of the earlier patents did hint at this kind of possibility.

Not sure how well the system will go over...but serving two markets with one product can't hurt. If they actually made it into a more usable general purpose tablet, it could be quite compelling just to have the best of both worlds. I was kind of hoping for this with the Android OS rumors since I'm overdue for a new tablet. The rumors in the article though state they will use their own OS....which wouldn't be that appealing to me.

bouzebbal751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

With Nintendo it never comes to the hardware but to the games.
They are maybe the only company that offer quality on a regular basis.
Now since COD and GTA fanboys are 80% gaming on the competition, Nintendo are forced to take risks and be different.
I will never buy a Nintendo console for a 3rd party game, and 80% of people won't do that either no matter if it's superior version or not.
There are key things that will be important to me : the online capabilities and the zoning of the games/apps. Wii U had a terrible online infrastructure, online gaming works but that's it. e-shop is a complete mess and the UI is really outdated. Last but not least is the controller, It should use 4 of its own controllers at least simultaneously unlike the terrible gamepad.
Next is the price.. They should price it no more than 299$.

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miyamoto752d ago

Someone beat them to it.
I wonder if Nintendo's version will take off.

mad-dog752d ago

It will probably be better than most of that half assed windows and android crap.

Fatal-Aim752d ago

Ouch. Hopefully Nintendo has more than just controllers packed into this consoles

starchild751d ago

Doing something and doing something well are two different things. I think there is a lot to like about this approach. A home console/handheld hybrid sounds cool. And yes there have been other handheld gaming devices that can connect to a TV, but none that were built around that idea.

It's clear that Nintendo have no intention of competing with Sony and Microsoft head on in the console market and that's a little bit sad to me, but I understand why. They feel they can innovate and expand their own market.

miyamoto751d ago

Well that Android crap now runs Pokemon Go, mind you
but to be honest I wanted Sony to have a portable PS3 or PS4 so I am very much interested in Nintendo's rumored approach.

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EddieNX 752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Bring it on I say! As long as its powerful enough to run all modern engines and current gen games, it will be amazing!

Just imagine getting it mugged with all your save files, I hope it comes with a tazer!

Edit - it's called scalabity and lots of modern engines are all but confirmed for it. I believe the docking station increases its power. You'l see ;)

752d ago
Dark_Knightmare2752d ago

But the leaked specs show it to be weak and no way in hell is it running modern engines or current Gen games

BrandanT752d ago

Dark, I do not trust any leaked information on the NX anymore. Even bigger sources were confused and all wrong.

daynnight365752d ago

Well, it won't be amazing then

Vegamyster752d ago (Edited 752d ago )


Assuming these leaks are real, the K1 is great for mobile use, for all we know the dock that it plugs into in your home could give it a boost. At the very least it's able to run TLOZ Breath of the Wild and the new Sonic game trailer says it'll come out on PS4, Xone, NX & PC so it's hard to say where it lands in terms of power. Way too many ifs, i'll just wait for Nintendo to unveil it.

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ABizzel1752d ago

LMAO if this is true I just want to say told you so.... over 2 years ago XD

Dropping knowledge years in advance.

Also just like MS and the Xbox team were reading my blog on making Xbox a PConsole going forward. Nintendo if this is true I want my check from your as well.

752d ago
TheColbertinator752d ago

Not bad. You might have had some inside sources

deafdani752d ago

Bitch, please. I predicted this more than 4 years ago:

Notice the date, "26 Marzo 2012" - that's march 2012, in spanish.

Basically, in that article I theorize that Nintendo's next console will be a handheld that you can take to the streets to play, and then plug into your TV at home to keep playing, and that the Wii U was basically a first step on that direction.


Big_Game_Hunters752d ago

The deciding factor will be how much power are they actually sacrificing with the portability. The Minimum has to be stronger than PS4 .

If you achieve that Nintendo then this machine will be a success, Third parties won't ignore a system with Mario and pokemon driving it's sales. At least i assume it will have pokemon since its part handheld.

The only other factors are the features. It needs streaming and basic online features, Things the wiiu was severely lacking.

Second, it needs to stay away from the MII/WII brand. Its easy to just write something off as a "kiddie" console when you have silly ass branding like MIIs and Amiibos.

Angeljuice752d ago

It won't be close to PS4. Not using mobile chips at least.

Big_Game_Hunters752d ago

If it is using x2 it will be stronger tban PS4.

752d ago
Big_Game_Hunters752d ago

@bruce no only educated speculation. Whether the NX runs it or not i'm pretty confident the X2 will be stronger than the ps4's chip.

gamerswin24752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Minimum ps4 level? You do know that given the bases of its portability and all the little quotes from Nintendo (about not caring about power) that in no way is happening. Good luck with that one lol this is Nintendo we are talking about, same Nintendo that hid Wiiu Specs even after release because they didnt want the world to know it was only marginally more powerful than the xbox 360.

Expect this hybrid console to be less powerful than xbone but a little more powerful than Wiiu.

Big_Game_Hunters751d ago

@ gamerswin its not like ps4 is some powerhouse and so difficult to match in power

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Shubhendu_Singh752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

I had been saying this for quite a time. Now lets summarize all the facts/rumours and deduce;

Nintendo released 3DS in march and this is also coming in march. Not Oct/Nov like usual consoles. (??)
Nikkei rumoured long long ago that NX can use Android OS. Jury is still out on that (even when Nintendo said otherwise)
but now, NX powered by Nvidia Tegra, which is a GPU used in mobile devices so it could be an AndroidOS.
Nikkei has never been wrong, 99% of time they don't spew anything they weren't sure of.

Another point that Nintendo earlier said they were ready to sell 20M NX in an year. - (indication that it would be low cost HH)
Nintendo also time and time have repeated that they don't want to compare prices with PS4/XB1. - (also an indication of usual cost effective device)

Is expected to be less than 300$.
Power between WiiU and XB1. (but is handheld)
I'm guessing no Backward Compatibility, not sure obviously.
and ofcourse, No third party support from AAA developers.
Where Nintendo used to have different teams for 3DS games and WiiU games, but now!, imagine 3DS+WiiU titles and launch frequency on a SINGLE DEVICE.

Name the NX ::: Nintendo GO!

Angeljuice752d ago

Nintendo why bother! Would be a more apt name. A handheld is for kids, I'm not interested at all.

Sirk7x752d ago

I'll buy the hell out of the most powerful handheld that's ever been. There's never been a shortage of games to play on Nintendo handhelds. Rest assured, if this console is the only place to get EVERY first party Nintendo game (Pokemon, Mario Kart, new Splatoon, Smash, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox) instead of a split hardware base, people are going to want to buy it. And it people are buying software, companies will want to develop games for it. This is pretty much exactly what I've wanted for awhile. If Nintendo makes money from it, and if it ensures them success in the future, who cares what approach they take? I already have a machine that I intend to play 3rd party AAA games on.

deafdani752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

It will have third party support, but the one Nintendo always get on their handhelds (which have ALWAYS had very strong third party support). That could more than make up for the lack of console-like AAA third party support.

It's... an interesting move, to say the least.

-Foxtrot752d ago

Can they not just make a GOD DAMN BOX with a TRADITIONAL CONTROLLER and a good BLOODY ONLINE

Then they can focus on their own games and third party games instead of little gimmicks

Portable, detachable controller, specs are nothing special....good lord.

Sirk7x752d ago

What's wrong with them wanting to focus on a handheld console? That's where most of their sales derive from. When they merged and consolidated their handheld and console departments, it was obvious that this was the direction that they decided to take. I enjoyed the hell out of playing my 3DS.

752d ago
NatureOfLogic_752d ago

This is exclusively for hardcore Nintendo fans.....just like WiiU.

rainslacker752d ago

Not sure why you're upset. Nintendo hasn't chased after the hardcore home console market in a very long time. They do their own thing, and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't, but more often than not, the more mainstream hardcore don't care either way.


They may be out of touch with us, but they don't really seem to chase after us anyways, rather different markets which actually buy their products, and for a while now that has been the casuals, and the handheld market. WiiU was kind of a comeback to the hardcore, but they went with something that was under powered for what was to come, and ultimately, don't think they cared about the hardcore anyhow because the system isn't designed for that, or what was to come at the time of it's release.

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ginsunuva752d ago

Yes, they just said you can pull the controller off

aragon752d ago

I hope this isnt true *sigh*

ccgr752d ago

Agreed, I'm looking forward to it!

thejigisup752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

I may end up getting one depending on the price point. I'd love a "console" i can take on the go that gets heavy 1st party support(my poor vita-which i love and use everyday is looking kinda shabby lately).

Edit: @natureoflogic_, Air quotes bro, air quotes

NatureOfLogic_752d ago

It's not a console. It's a HH gaming device with TV out.

pcz752d ago

Sounds like a bad idea. OK for a handheld, bit wack for a console

Brandnewfan610752d ago

Im just hyped for this cause this means a great improvement graphically for fire emblem and pokemon.

gamerswin24752d ago

Lol you say tht as if its a plus, maybe in your eyes but not in many. People wanted a home console that go go up against the likes of ps4 and xbone, this definitely kills that dream.

dragonaught007751d ago

Yea but im pretty sure we ll see x2 chip rather than x1 just for the specs to be on pair with current gen

Idiedgoodbye751d ago

How much will it cost $250.00?

CorndogBurglar751d ago

All I know is that I have a New 3DS XL and I love it. So if they can somehow make a new portable system that is obviously way more powerful AND capable of being played on my tv, then count me in.

Sure its disappointing that Nintendo won't just get their heads in the game and put out a new console that can hang with the other big two in terms of power. (Lazt time they did that we git the Gamecube and it was a fantastic console) But this isn't exactly bad news to me either.

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UltraNova752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Wow thats a twist! So how are they going to keep BC with a Tegra x1 chip? Also if this is true is Nintendo saying no to 3rd party again considering both Sony and MS will have new and significantly more powerfull consoles out in 2017?

Nitrowolf2752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

No they arent. I hinted this a while back about what the gimmick would be by saying they are taking an idea and doing it better (remote play). Its better in a sense you dont need internet at all. I'll say this, the console is apparently very development friendly with a extremely overhauled online infrastructure.

In terms of power, this is speculated to be on near neo specs, though possibly weaker.


Naw nowhere near Scorpio that's a for sure.

Just from what I know, it's suppose to bear near Neo. Never said as powerful, so yes weaker. If anything, between ps4 and neo

Overload752d ago

Isn't Tegra used for mobile? I've only heard of it used on mobile.

ShadowWolf712752d ago

If it's handheld it's not gonna be anywhere the Neo in specs. Not unless they wanna charge people an arm and a leg.

The above article even says the console's not shooting for graphical parity.

ABizzel1752d ago

Are you talking about a second Nintendo console, or the NX rumored here.

Because the rumored NX here is in no way be anywhere near the Scropio, let alone the current PS4 or XBO. It's mobile tech that has been out for a while, which is why Eurogamer was hoping it would be the successor to Maxwell's Tegra (Pascal or P1), in which case it would probably be about 60% more powerful than the current processor while keeping the same or similar TDP, which would put it much closer to the original XBO in performance.

DarkHeroZX752d ago

Yeah.... There is no way they can offer Neo like performance in a mobile form factor.

Dark_Knightmare2752d ago

I read that it wasn't even ps4 level from the leaked specs

Angeljuice752d ago

If its more powerful than PS4, you can have my house. It will be cheap to make and underpowered like all Nintendo consoles.

daynnight365752d ago

Dude, where are u getting your info from? Near neo specs?! It's not even as powerful as the WiiU

gamerswin24752d ago

Neo specs lol hahaha keep dreaming. Why do you think lately Nintendo has been making even more comments about it not being in a power race. Come on man some of you guys love getting burnt just like the wild speculation before wiiu lol and it being super powerful we know how that turned out. This system will be lucky to reach xbone levels.

silvacrest752d ago

There is no way this can be near neo specs and be portable

madjedi751d ago

Exactly what do you intent to use as a power source when it is mobile?

Because anywhere near a modern console requirements are going to drain that battery dry in a very short timeframe maybe a labtop battery, but the device will probably have to be fairly small unless they want a monstrous handheld device.

Battery technology has not really advanced all that much n the last couple of years, if it's primary purpose is handheld gaming, then maybe something similar to a ps vita with more modern hardware.

Console power means nothing if you can't keep it supplied with enough energy to run it for a few hrs on end, funny you talk about it being as powerful as the ps4 or neo ect. And yet you fail to address how you will get rid of all the heat the system will produce at those levels.