Dear Rockstar: Shut Up, Take My Wallet And Give Me Agent

Now, this is a personalized story as I was still under 20-years when Rockstar announced the game, Agent as an exclusive IP for the PlayStation 3 in 2007.

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proudly_X842d ago

This is a wicked mental torture.. You announce a game, hype everyone and disappear :(

ULTp0ltergeist840d ago ShowReplies(5)
hells_supernova839d ago

Who gets hyped off of a logo. that's all we ever saw from Rockstar officially was a word. No trailer no screenshots no concept art officially some has leaked claiming to be from that game but hard to confirm.

I do not understand why anyone would get hyped off of a logo. Sure it has the Rockstar name behind but until we know what the game is people need to calm down.

5p4c3d839d ago

Personally it was the concept that got me hyped a long time ago. Would love to see how rockstar handles the cold war. But your right, we dont have much to go on and its something ive put out of my mind like final fantasy versus 13.....then again we are finally getting that game albeit under a different name! Wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens with Agent.

Kallisti842d ago (Edited 840d ago )

We've been waiting for Agent just as long as we've been waiting for the sequel to Half-Life 2: Episode 2 now.

Edit: Not sure what the disagrees are for, Agent was announced the same year Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was released.

Kallisti840d ago

The sequel to Episode 2 would have been episode 3.

lobocob840d ago

just give me a new rockstar game

Moe-Gunz840d ago

Don't think it's ever happening

akurtz840d ago

take a peak at their "games" catalogue on their website...

SonyWarrior840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

so you really think that they are going to release Agent on PS3 like it says on their website? lol...... they obviously dont update their web site it means nothing that its still there

akurtz840d ago

what makes you think Sony wont bust another TLG? Obviously it means something if its still on their website, especially a huge developer such as.. Rockstar..

poppinslops840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

A lot of devs have websites that sit dormant for years... it looks like they're holding onto the IP, but who wouldn't? 'Agent' is a great name for a game - one they might eventually decide to develop, but at this point it's all but confirmed that the next R* game will be another Red Dead.

The last word on Agent came from one of Rockstar's environmental artists, who claims he, along with the rest of the team were taken off the game in 2010 and put to work on GTA5... He never went back to work on Agent and has since left R*, saying he's "not sure if this project will ever be published".

akurtz840d ago

maybe im just alittle stubborn but i just dont see rockstar holding onto to Agent just for its name. too much trouble, i just feel it in my bonesss

Kirchh77840d ago

i was looking forward to Eight Days.

Kallisti840d ago

I was looking forward to that and Killing Day

Kallisti839d ago

Damn, forgot about about that one. Coded Arms was another ps3 one that was cancelled as well

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The story is too old to be commented.