Pokémon GO Team Leaders Revealed

During its panel at San Diego Comic Con, Pokémon GO developer Niantic introduced the three leaders of the teams included in the game.

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thejigisup505d ago

I'm not understanding the importance, if any at all of this reveal... i mean i've already stopped caring about the actual leader and more about how my entire town is full of team instinct. Super difficult to hold a gym when its myself and about three other team mystics around.

Deadpooled504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

and become much worse with the School holidays and the kids roaming around with their level 20+ 1500cp pokemon. Today me and some other guy helped out a Valor gym (Team Valor FTW) with a 568cp raticate and added my 800cp hypno (I'm level 12) and the other guy added his 1400cp vaporeon, half an hour later the gym was taken over by fugly yellow with a bloody 1900cp lapras.