CoD: Infinite Warfare Reveal vs ComicCon Graphics Comparison

"ComicCon gameplay of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare seems to look much better than the great reveal, check it out."

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InMyOpinion846d ago

Neither look especially impressive to me.

lazyboyblue846d ago

My first thought is reveal is ps4 footage and the comic con trailer is from the pc version.

Deadpooled846d ago

the reveal shown above is from the video that was disliked on youtube over 3 million times

846d ago
ape007846d ago

the game is shaping up really nice, i was certain that it going to suck even before the games announcement because it's from the cod ghosts dev but the gameplay footage yesterday looked really nice, the pacing is topnotch and the weapons look fun to shoot with

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The story is too old to be commented.