Dead Rising Remasters Get Release Date, Screens & Size Info from Xbox Store

Capcom's Dead Rising remasters are now dated, thanks to the Xbox Store which also provided screenshots and size info.

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Aurenar668d ago

Enough with these remasters. Create some new games with new ideas!

Godmars290667d ago (Edited 667d ago )


Remasters are a safer bet against making a profit than a new IP. At least that's what suits who don't really play games think.

And to clarify: when I use "suits who don't play games" I mean games when they weren't engineered towards solely being about revenue. When games offered options and features instead of DLC. The games "Suits" or business people play today are the post-DLC types of games as they attempt to find balance for microtransactions. The fostered atmosphere where games are wholly transitory, limited replay value, entertainment rather than something with honest replay value.

LucasRuinedChildhood667d ago

Seriously, the people who have huge problems with remasters are just being hyperbolic. Every generation, especially the last one, has had TONS of remastered games. And the studios that make these games, like Bluepoint, are specifically designed to reverse-engineer old games. No less new IPs are being created as a result of this. It's literally just an option. More jobs; more available games.

People need to focus on tackling real problems in games, like micro-transactions. Attacking remasters just makes people like petty and unreasonable.


@ LucasRuindChildhood

I wouldn't say last gen had "tons" of remasters... we certainly didn't have this many at this state in the life cycle of last gen consoles.

To be fair fare as well, last gen was the big transition into HD the just from the graphics we saw on Ps2 and Xbox was massive and the jump in resolution.

This gen we are getting remasters of games that barely do anything. a slight brush up from upscaled 1080p to native 10p and if we are lucky an upgrade to 60fps.

my big problem is not that we are getting remasters it's the type of games that are getting remastered.

there is a massive catalogue of old xbox 1 and ps2 games that could bennefit hugely from being truely remastered. but half the games we are getting don't really deserve it but of course, thats just my opinion. either way it feels like the out put of new IP's is a lot less compared to last gen and the one before and one cannot help but think part of this is because of the trend we have now of just remastering everything from last gen.

anyway, one thing I do believe is that for those gamers who complain so much about them, please just don't buy any. our industry is driven by money, nothing else. publishers wouldn't be making all these remasters if they didn't think there was money to be made. trust me, they have done the math.

all the complaining so far has not stopped the trend. Just stop buying the crap.. same goes for dlc.

Erik7357667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

"Why not both?"
Well ideally yea dude of course why not both but we don't live in a world with a infinite amount of resources and game developers so they end up making remasters/sequels and less of new IP. That's all Aurenar said!

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Ashby_JC667d ago

Yeah id rather a new game then play this one again with a new coat of paint.

Now if it is a TRUE remaster with new things and improvements I would be interested.

Shubhendu_Singh667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

I don't mind remasters.
Not like someone is forcing you to buy, and someone out their keeps buying these that's why companies keeps making them.

edit: I do mind when they're 60$ like Skyrim. wtf

Artemus667d ago

Normally I would agree with you, but in this case DR1 is one of those special games that was in desperate need for a remaster and I'm glad we are getting one.

Let's face it, there's demand for remasters and as long as people keep buying them, remasters will never go away.

BrianOBlivion667d ago

Every game is "special" to someone. You're the first person I'm aware of that has a special fondness for DR1. I'm not disagreeing -I'm just saying that it's no more special to you than anyone's favourite game is to them.

Remaster them all; just don't buy it if it's not "special" to you. I love a well done remaster.

MachuchalBrotha316667d ago

@BrianOblivion, atleast try to make some sense.

BrianOBlivion666d ago

@ MachuchalBrotha316

Which part is confusing to you?

TheCommentator667d ago

At least Capcom has survival-horror down pat. I'm mortified thinking about what they've become and fear they will not be around much longer if they have to remaster everything just to survive.

_-EDMIX-_667d ago

Why is it always the uneducated that make such statements? Not only are they making BOTH, the team remastering it was NEVER going to make the sequels or a new game. Their job was to transfer, not make a new game.

Do you think Star Wars being remastered in 4K is delaying an hindering the new Star Wars films?

Maybe, JUST maybe, you better actually read WHAT a port is, how its made etc as their seems to be this ingnorant myth going on that making a remaster is basically the same as making a game, and we've some how missed the chance to get a new game, due to a remaster.

Show me the proof and I'll agree, but MOST like 99% of the users that post this, don't have much information on exact what a port is, how its made, how much it cost etc. IF ANYTHING those remasters are PAYING for the new games you are even asking for.

Last gen, Capcom ported RE1,RE2,REZero,REIII, RECV etc.....we still got RE5.6, Revelations 1 and 2, Operation Raccoon CIty etc. THUS one can argue, Capcoms ports PAY for new developments. Soooooooo don't make more money?

Capcom making money means you get your new game bud. Seriously read how the process is done. Your lack of examples, proof, supporting evidence etc only further shows just how uneducated MOST gamers are in the industry. With games as transparent as they are , its strange to see a communty as clueless as to the process of gaming making as in the industry.

With music, film etc, most know the directors, producers, process etc of the making of such works, with gaming....we have this LARGE gap from what the hardcore gamer knows, compared to the "normal gamer" where in Film and Music, I just don't think that gap is as large.

How many music fans or film fans have you EVER heard say "Enough with these (restorations of films or best of albums) create new (Film, music)" ???

Drdeadlocke667d ago

There is a new game coming called dead rising 4

Trekster_Gamer667d ago

They are doing both if you look!

neutralgamer1992667d ago

i hope the time limit is removed

Silly gameAr667d ago

Well, you don't have to buy them. No one is forcing you to.

mark_parch667d ago

if you want to support new games over remasters then i suggest getting recore instead as it comes out the same day

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Festano668d ago

On the same day of ReCore..That's not good. The poor game already has low hype, but at least it's something different

Doge667d ago

Ironically both games are produced by Keiji Inafune.

Garethvk668d ago

It is a great time to be a fan of the series.

Alexious667d ago

Can't wait for Dead Rising 4, I'm a big fan of Frank West! Exoskeleton looks sick.

DeadlyOreo667d ago

I'm so glad they're coming to PS4 so I get to experience these games :)

ccgr667d ago

Haven't played this series, may pick it up if the price is right.

Darkwatchman667d ago

Maybe I'm uninformed, but isn't 8GB incredibly small for a remastered collection of 2 whole games and a stand alone expansion pack thing? Makes me wonder how well these remasters will actually turn out.

Alexious667d ago

Remember that these are games made for the Xbox 360...

Darkwatchman667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Yeah and Xbox 360 used dvd's which could hold up to 9GB of data on the disk. In this gen, all game data is installed to the hard drive even if you have a disk, so assuming the first 2 games took up 4GB each on the disk out of 9, that's 8GB and then that's not counting the standalone expansion.

8GB for this remaster collection seems really small and basic for what you're getting. Might end up being just 1080p ports with no other enhancements.

Hell, just look at DOA 5 last round, a last gen game that fit on one disc on 360 and the remaster on ps4/Xbox one is 10GB and that's a pretty basic remaster as is anyways. Just ONE game.

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