Walking Simulators Are Better Than Clicking Simulators

Gone Home, The Witness, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Dear Esther, and more. All of these are incredible games. Evoking a sense of wonder, and fascination, while being strongly narrative driven. All of these are also ‘Walking Simulators’, a term almost derogatory when it comes to video games.

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shodan74849d ago

Personally, I love games like Gone Home, Firewatch, and The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. They do a great job of creating atmosphere and investing you in their story.

That said, I would never expect everyone to like that kind of thing. They can be short on actual gameplay, and - at times - feel a bit pretentious. Narrative adventures/interactive stories aren't for everybody. Each to their own, really!

Krussail849d ago

yeah that's true.. though its odd why the hate for walking simulators.. They do have a great story, which is usually lacking in games

NukaCola849d ago

It all depends on the quality of the game. I look forward to Edith Finch and Thimblewood Park. Click or Walking around. Doesn't matter as long as the story is brilliant.

Paytaa849d ago

Firewatch's dialogue was some of the best/most realistic I've ever witnessed in a game.

Krussail849d ago

Specially the way Firewatch started.. really impactful..