A Modern Warfare 2 Map Returns As A Pre-order Bonus For Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The fan favorite Terminal map from Modern Warfare 2 is returning in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This time however, it will be re-imagined to fit the fu

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Name Last Name511d ago

One of the most unbalanced maps. Keep your reskin.

princejb134511d ago

One of the best maps in call of duty history in my opinion

lnfiniteLoop511d ago

there is only one unbalanced map (Nuketown) in the entire COD/MW/BO series and that was due to it have really bad spawning... no other map I can think of was ever as bad as Nuketown...

Palitera511d ago

People like Nuketown, though, for the fast XP grinding.

About terminal: I love this map. So many powerful positions to control the match.

Movefasta1993511d ago

Nuketown isn't supposed to be balanced lol it's just mindless killing.

WellyUK511d ago

Idiots like Nuketown because it's the only map the average terrible player can get more than 5 kills on.

Name Last Name511d ago

Are you guys kidding? If the team that starts on top is barely good it will own this map. Whoever comes through the plane tunnel is dead. And watching the stairs on the other side is too easy.


Cool at least it's not the awful nuketown again, I will be buying this but I doubt I'll play it as I only want modern warfare, but hey at least I get a free drink coaster!

PSN_ZeroOnyx511d ago

Why would they have Nuketown? Nuketown is a Treyarch map which is why it's only found in BO, BO2 and BO3. Infinity Ward will remake IW maps.

Majin-vegeta511d ago

And you're part of the problem SMH!

Phishead511d ago

You will find my tent inside the, space shuttle.

lnfiniteLoop511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

just re-make (boots on the ground) ModernWarfare/2 (in 1080p @60fps) with every map from the COD/MW/BO Series and kill off all the quickscoping/no scoping, glitching/hacking crap while your at it... and ban anyone from playing online multiplayer that cheats or hacks their rank...

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The story is too old to be commented.